How to Drive Safely in Winter


The winter season has arrived and there are several trials that drivers must confront. With chilly winds blowing and occasional raining it is the best time of the year when people go out shopping and arrange family get-togethers. Facing snowstorms or icy roads can be very challenging in western part of the world. Taking some precautions and guidelines into consideration is definitely of utmost importance at this time of the year. We have compiled a list of useful tips to help you drive safely in winter.

Fog – One of the major elements of the winter term is the heavy fog that sets in at night and stays till late in the morning. The fog can be extremely dense in some parts of the world and driving in fog is nothing short of putting yourself in peril. We witness numerous accidents every year due to the poor visibility in the misty mornings. It is more sensible to avoid driving in these hazardous conditions. However, if it is an urgent situation and you have no other choice, you need to be well aware and prepared for what you are about to face.

  1. Make use of headlights and fog lights to enhance visibility. While it may seem apparent to drive using high beams, it is actually advised to use low beams, as the former will be reflected off the fog to further worsen the visibility.
  2. The fog may trick you into believing that you are driving at a slow speed when you actually aren’t, so you need to monitor the speedometer to ensure low driving speed and avoid collisions.
  3. Since your vision isn’t at its best in hazy conditions, crack your window open and make the utmost use of your hearing sense to listen for any oncoming vehicles or traffic.
  4. Use wipers constantly for clear vision and stick to one side of the road using road markings as your guide.
  5. Maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicles ahead of you.

Rainy conditions – Lashing rain can also cloud your visibility placing you at a greater risk of accidents and collisions. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when driving through pouring rains and flooded roads. Make sure your car has perfect

  1. Maintain double the normal distance between your car and those in front as a precaution.
  2. Ensure that the windshield wipers and headlights are in perfect working condition as you can’t possibly drive without these on a rainy day.
  3. In case the steering stops responding due to the excessive water, slow down the accelerator.
  4. Always look for an alternative route if the roads are deeply flooded with water; this can shut down the car’s engine.

Windy Conditions –

If you are driving through strong winds or storms, you can expect the vehicle to waver occasionally. Even the most experienced drivers may find themselves at a loss, as the wind often catches you off guard.

  1. While driving through bridges and roadside hedges you may be surprised by blasts of wind, so drive slowly and vigilantly.
  2. The strong gust of wind is sudden and unexpected, so keep a firm grip on your steering wheel to avoid losing control of the car.
  3. It is wise to give more space for cyclists and motorists to pass as their vehicles are more likely to be blown aside by strong winds.
  4. Keep your focus on the road at all times and avoid any distractions.

Keeping yourself alert and following these simple tips will help you brave the weather in any circumstances. Moreover, maintain your car well by using genuine spare parts from Don’t let the winter spell get to you, instead just make the most of this wonderful weather and take the necessary precautions while driving.