Dropping Cigarettes for Vaping: It’s All About Choices


Tobacco has a long-standing place in our culture. Starting centuries ago, smoking cigarettes, pipes, and cigars have been popular activities, a symbol of relaxation and socialization. But in time, the health and safety hazards of cigarettes and other tobacco products have caught up with their users. Furthermore, it has begun to get real competition from vaping.

Vaping has become quite a phenomenon in just a few short years. It has stormed onto the scene as an alternative to cigarette smoking, offering the pick-me-up of nicotine without the side effects created by real smoke. That ideal combination creates a more socially-accepted way to enjoy nicotine–a smoker’s dream come true.

For many smokers, that was enough. They enjoy being able to get nicotine without having to go outside or away from companions who object to the smoke, and anything beyond that was really not on their radar.

Fortunately for smokers who want to make a switch, what they don’t realize is that they have more choices than just choosing to avoid all the stigma of cigarettes. Vaping is much more versatile than smoking. With cigarettes, you basically have two flavor types, menthol and unflavored. And regardless of the flavor, you have the same nicotine content in all cigarettes.

Vaping offers many more options. With countless combinations out there from a wide variety of companies, it can be overwhelming to settle on your particular juice type. Instead of bouncing from site to site, look through all the best e juice brands on a single site that can quickly direct you to whatever you want as you try lots of different ones without spending a lot of money.

Nicotine content is another great advantage of vaping. Some smokers find that their cigarettes just don’t suit them in terms of the nicotine level, but since there’s no way to control it, they have to accept the cigarettes as they are. That means your last drag before bed will crank you up just as much as your first in the morning, and that makes it a lot tougher to rest and function normally. 

Vaping is different. If you want a little more nicotine, you can buy juice with higher content. For something a little milder, you can adjust downward. It’s like having the option to drink espresso in the morning and decaf after dinner–it gives you the freedom to choose your own formulation based on what the coming hours hold for you. This is a perfect situation for the vapor, especially considering that some people get a bigger jolt from nicotine than others.

Of course, with all the flavor and nicotine considerations aside, vaping does still provide a better way to enjoy nicotine. Cigarette smoking requires frequent trips to the store and reasonably cautious storage of your supply of cigarettes to keep them from getting wet or being crushed. The discarded butts are a major source of litter, and improperly extinguished ones cause many fires every year. Add in the mess of ash drifting everywhere the smoker goes and the long-term damage to clothes, vehicles, and homes from their smoke and ash, and you find smoking to be a very destructive activity.

Vaping bypasses all that. You can order your e juice from your phone and store it with almost no risk of damage or loss. The only waste is a tiny bottle that can be safely discarded in any trash can, and there is no ash or smoke produced. Vaping provides the best experience with the least side effects, and that’s why its popularity is surging.