Earn Easy Money by Selling your OLD stuff on Listlux


Listlux is a listing website which is gaining more and more exposure to a vast range of audience on daily basis. Created as a variant of Craigslist, Listlux offers simple and easy to use the listing platform on which anyone can sell or buy almost anything. Listlux offers the simplest user-interface which enables the sellers to post their listing within minutes of hassle-free logging in. All you have to do is stick to the instructions given under the “Post Ad” option and you can put up any of your old stuff for sale:

You can earn money on listlux by selling a number of items. The most commonly sold old stuff on Listlux which channels good money includes:

Sell old recording stuff:

Old recording stuff such as wires, microphones, cameras, and camcorders can be sold on listlux. These devices usually fetch tech-enthusiasts and collectors of camera devices. You can put up individual ads for different recording devices and place your process.

Sell your old Electronics:

Old electronics and home appliances are sold at good sums at Listlux. You can list an ad for selling your old refrigerator or personal computer and set a price. Because of the low price of the goods, buyers will be more than quick to buy your old electronics. Putting up used up electronics is of no use. Always list adds for electronics which have a potential of operation.

Sell furniture:

Listlux offers to sell of a large range of old stuff. If you are shifting to a new home or have lawn furniture which is no longer of use to you, you can put an ad for it on Listlux. Add catchy pictures and offer good price so that the chances of a sale are maximized.

Sell gift cards and Jewelry:

Gift cards and old jewelry can be listed on Listlux easily. All you have to do is add title, description, and pictures of the old gift cards and jewelry on Listlux and buyers will look up for it. Gift cards and Jewelry have higher selling rates than the rest of stuff. Sell old sports equipment:

Sell DVDs and CDs

DVDs and CDs may look out of fashion but a number of collectors of CDs and DVDs can be found everywhere in the world. If you have some old DVDs or CDs which are no longer of any use to you, list them up on Listlux with a catchy offer. People love to collect outdated stuff and put it to use. DVDs and CDs promise sales.

Sell books:

Has an old book lain around in your house? Bookworms from all over the world are always in search of quality books at low prices to feed the book hunger inside them. You can list your book or collection of old books to be sold on Listlux. Book lovers from everywhere will have quick access to it and your books will be sold within days, offering you monetary benefits in return.