An Easel in Your Pocket: Top Android Apps for People Who Love to Draw and Paint


With almost 3 million apps currently available for Android phones, it’s almost guaranteed that, if you own a smartphone, you’ll have downloaded at least one. But when most people think of apps, they instantly gravitate towards more generic options like Facebook, Instagram, and the ever-popular Candy Crush without branching out and finding apps that truly represent their personality.

Almost all of us have some form of creativity within us; it’s whether or not you choose to unleash it that determines whether you consider yourself as being a ‘creative person’ or not. Being intentionally creative has a huge array of positive benefits on both the body and mind, with drawing and painting being some of the most popular methods in which creativity is expressed. So, if you love releasing your creative side but don’t like cleaning up afterward, here are a few top apps specifically designed for those who love to draw and paint!


Perhaps the most renowned Android app for painting and sketching, SkecthBook is a brilliant choice to start with. This app has been expertly crafted, allowing you to create and draw your very own designs with up to 13 different brush strokes to choose from and an endless array of color options.

No matter what your ability, you’re also able to zoom in up to 2500% which allows you to really see what you’re doing and get as close as possible to the finite details of your creation. Whether you’re a pro artist wanting to create intricate pieces or a novice simply looking for a place to doodle, SketchBook has it all.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

Ideal for those who don’t particularly enjoy drawing and would prefer to simply color instead, the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala app is the perfect choice.

As well as providing almost every single color you could ever think of, you’ll also get a selection of intricate mandala designs to color in whichever way you like. And, as mandalas are well-known for being spiritual and calming, you’ll get to relax and release your creative side all at the same time!

How to Draw

If simple coloring isn’t for you but your drawing skills aren’t great either, How to Draw provides the solution! As the name suggests, How to Draw offers step-by-step lessons on how to complete specific drawings. Then, as you work through the lessons and develop your skills, you’ll be able to branch out to slightly more advanced apps like SketchBook and create bespoke drawings of your own!

Whilst drawing, coloring, and painting are activities many of us love, they can be messy and challenging to clean up. So, by downloading the above apps to not only learn but also enhance any skills you already have, you’ll be able to release all your creativity for as long as you like – without the annoying clean-up job. And, if you’re new to the art world and are unsure whether drawing is for you, there’s no harm in giving these apps a go and, who knows, you could become the next Picasso!