Easter Gifts Ideas instead of a Chocolate Egg


Easter is a lovely time of year.  It’s great fun for the kids and marks the start of longer days and warmer weather (with any luck).  Typically at Easter time, children receive chocolate eggs and depending on the size of the family, they can end up receiving a lot of chocolate which of course, is not good for their health.  So what can you get your children for Easter to celebrate the occasion but won’t cost a fortune?  Here are some ideas:

Something personalised
A great way to make your child feel special at Eater is by getting them something personalised. Whether that is a personalised iPhone case from the likes of Zippi or something handmade like a cushion with their initial sewn onto the front, it is bound to mean a lot more to them than a chocolate egg that will be demolished in next to no time.


Take them to a farm
What makes children more excited than seeing the Easter bunny at Easter? Take them down to the local farm shop and they can spend time looking at the rabbits, pigs and other farm animals. Look out for organised events such as this Easter Egg Hunt at Church Farm.  It definitely looks a lot of fun and you’ll be creating new memories with your loved ones.

Children forever need new clothes and it will be a great time to get your child a new summer dress or a pair of shorts for the upcoming months as it gets warmer. Older children will appreciate this idea more than the young.shutterstock_177074096

Go to the cinema
Usually during Easter time, there will be a Easter themed film on at the cinema. This is a great idea if the weather is bad and it will keep your children entertained whilst helping them get into the Easter spirit.

Get creative
There are many ways to get creative over Easter, whether that’s helping your children to make their own Easter cards, decorating egg boxes or making little chicks from a range of materials, your child can use their imagination to make something that they are proud of and give it to their grandparents as a gift.shutterstock_257754706

Build a bear
At build a bear you can build a bunny that has soft brown fur, big floppy ears and bright blue eyes. There are also other Easter themed cuddly toys to choose from such as a lamb. Children will love creating these and choosing from a range of clothes and accessories for their new friend. You can find out more on Build-a-Bears website.

Easter Book
Buy your child an Easter sticker book and he/she will be entertained for hours. There are also Easter themed books available including Spots First Easter where the Easter bunny has hidden some eggs for Spot to find, it’s a great gift that is educational too.