Easy And Fun DIY Crafts That Will Keep You Busy


Aren’t you all of you excited when it comes to arranging and decorating your living areas? Nowadays we have all kind of DIY tutorials on the internet and it’s a pity when you rush to the store to get certain things without searching the net beforehand because they can be easily and quickly made at home. Here I have collected some Easy And Fun DIY Crafts That Will Keep You Busy, so check them out. I’m sure that they are going to grab your attention and that you would like to implement some of them at your home. You won’t need much money to get them done and still you will add personal touches to your home with ease!

We are all food addicts, and we are always wondering what’s for lunch at home. If you want to get to know the information without having to ask anyone every day, you should make this family menu where you can read the menu for the whole week. I really love this design, what about you?

Image via crafthubs.com

The DIY wreath ideas are truly popular and all home owners want to embellish their front doors. How do you like the bunny design below?

Image via thecoterieblog.com

Every wooden stool can be turned into a bed table with ease. if you want to change something about its look, use washi tape to get the job done quickly.

Image via atiya.my

If you love both feathers and glitter, it’s time to put those two in combination together. The results would be stunning!

Image via blog.darice.com

Bottles seems to be great flower vases, so if you just use paint to color and decorate the bottle, you will get an extraordinarily stylish vase.

Image via globalboost.co
15 January 2012 -- Mache magazine pictures. Personal pizzas, decorated cork board, decorative presents and infused vodkas for Mache Magazine. Picture by Daniel Johnson (Copyright 2012 Daniel Johnson)
Image via homedit.com

If you thought that your bike wheel is totally useless after you break it, you are totally wrong. Has it occurred to you that you can make a clock out of it? It’s a unique idea, so recreate it!

Image via offsite.com.cy

The hanging decorations always manage to get everyone’s attention, so what are you waiting for? It’s time for some DIY crafts! Use your imagination and come of with different ideas.

Image via ayecehayaller.blogspot.mk

Make a hole in the log and plant your favorite flower inside it. Use paint to decorate it and give it a more interesting look.

Image via allhomeideas.net

Turning the mason jar into tissue holder has never been easier! You are going to love it!

Image via youresopretty.com

Are you in the mood for upgrading the look of your old lamp? Use coffee cups and create a super original lamp that everyone will notice.

Image via hsdelaisam.mirtesen.ru

Or you can use the Jack Daniel’s empty bottle! Which idea do you prefer?

Image via niinasecrets.com.br

If you want to make everyone smile, get inspired from the design below and copy it! It’s a lovely hanger, isn’t it?

Image via hotrodhal.com

Which is the DIY design that will make you have most fun making it? Keep me posted in the comments below!