Easy, breezy linen for your summer wardrobe!


It is hot AF and if you are reaching office like a hot mess (not in a good way, the sweaty one!), here is some inspiration on your way to dress lightly and traditionally! Linen is the favourite fabric of summer and the most awesome one too! If there was a right time to wear a linen saree, it is NOW!

Here are the linen sarees that you should be sporting this summer for sure!

And why a summer saree, you ask?

Of course, you can wear a skirt or denim short but only if you don’t want to evolve your style and want to get stuck in the rut with hundred others! Why be a part of a crowd when you can be fashion-forward?

Besides, why would you want to sidestep style when you can drape both- comfort and elegance!

Saree is also work-appropriate outfit to reach for when the mercury is rising and you are ready to trade the world for an air-conditioned office. If you have an after party or a personal commitment, a saree is the only outfit that fits in cross-cultural events too. A linen saree, however, means taking all of this and adding a sea of comfort to it!

So, let’s see the top 5 sarees that you can twist and twirl in this mad humid frenzy in the name of a season!

Beyond the Blue Horizon

This chic, alternative and trendy linen saree is here to redefine your sartorial statement. Here’s to a beautiful day that awaits you and just got brighter because you chose to dress for the moment!

The Power of Pink!

Make this saree the first in the game changer series of your summer wardrobe! Be the picture of beauty and grace while basking in the comfort of linen!

Plums and Peaches!

This saree is a no-brainer when it comes to smartening up your fashion game effortlessly!

The Ethereal White

It is time to make a wow addition to your sartorial repertoire and play along with numerous possibilities! Let your wardrobe experience a pristine rebirth with this heritage white saree!

Usher the sarees from the era of evening wear to the broad daylight! It is summer and no way you should be sidelining style to make way for comfort! Instead, you should be wearing these pretty sorbet shades in linen sarees!