Easy DIY No Dig Garden Edging


Stone, concrete and brick are quite common materials that people use to create borders and give texture and definition to their landscaping. For more dramatic and unique look, you can also think about using logs, clam shells, shipping pallets and glass bottles. I searched the Net to find an idea that doesn’t take much time and money and this is what I found – NO DIG GARDEN EDGING. Sounds very easy and quick isn’t it?


You will be surprised how easily you can create such edging around your flower beds. The project requires a little bit of work and four materials.

Such border can give a totally new look to any outdoor space. So, why not to beautify your yard, and enjoy the cheerful flowers and herbs all year round?

For this no dig garden edging you will need:

  • Vigoro no dig edging
  • Metal spikes
  • Fast setting concrete mix
  • Landscaping blocks

You can find these four materials at your local hardware store or gardening store. The amount of supplies you will need will definitely depend of the space that you want to cover.

The garden borders are often overlooked, so I advise you to watch this video and learn how to enhance your space and make it more practical and beautiful without spending a lot of money.

Before choosing a border design, be sure to consider your creativity, landscape and budget. Choose the appropriate design that will not only beautify your yard, but will make it more practical.

What do you think about this video my dear people? Do you find it useful and would you dare to try to make such borders? Share your thoughts with me! Enjoy your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer!