Easy Five-Minute Hairstyles


If you are a busy person, that constantly lacks of time, then you will find this post very useful. I am sure that all of you wish for a hairstyle ideas that are so easy to be done, and that take only five minutes from your precious time. Below you will see 10 Easy Five-Minute Hairstyles that you can make in the morning, before starting with your everyday activities. They are perfect for long or medium hair.

So, take a look at them and follow the instructions so that you can have the perfect five-minute hairstyle. Try all of them, so that you can have a different look everyday. Enjoy!

Easy Five-Minute Hairstyles

The Low Knot

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The Knotted Pony

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The Over-The-Shoulder Pony

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The Illusional Crazy Long Ponytail

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The Asymmetrical Twist

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Fake Bangs Top Knot

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Two-Minute Tuck

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The Brisk Braid Wrap

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The Easiest, Prettiest Pompadour


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The Half Up, Half Down Twist

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