Easy Improvements you Can Make to Ensure a Faster Property Sale


To sell your property quickly you need to try and make your home as desirable as possible to prospective buyers. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend vast amounts of money though, instead there are a few easy improvements you can make to get your home looking its best.

By doing this you could not only increase the likelihood of selling your home, there’s the chance you could get more money, whether you use a traditional estate agent or choose to sell via alternative methods. Here’s what you can do:

The Garden

If you have gardens, you should spend a weekend clearing these of weeds, overgrown trees, plants and shrubs to ultimately make it seem easier to manage and low maintenance. Then make sure your lawn is neatly cut and any discoloured turf is replaced to give that green and pleasant finish. The obvious point here is that this will aesthetically be much better.

The Exterior

In a similar vein to this, if your property has rendering around the outside, a fresh coat of paint will liven this up and leave it looking much more attractive. Patch any cracks or broken brickwork though as this might give the impression your home has structural issues when it doesn’t. You should also repaint any wooden fasciae on your roofs and porches (if applicable) before finally giving the front door a new coat.

Taking it Room by Room

With the outside sorted, it’s time to take on the interior. This again is all about appearances, so check each room one at a time for minor cracks, damp, mould or other damage and repair these. Minor cracks can be patch plastered over, while strong anti-mould sprays will get rid of those unsightly deposits. Then, repaint or wallpaper your rooms in neutral colours and get rid of thick curtains and replace with thinner blinds or nets to let in more natural light.

After you’ve done the walls, get your carpets professionally cleaned and then declutter to make your rooms both fresher and more spacious. Lastly, light a few candles to bring a pleasant aroma to your home, especially before people are set to come and look around.

Follow this advice and in no time at all your house could be sold for the right price in a much faster timeframe. As a final tip, when showing potential buyers around, be sure to explain in detail about the potential each room has, this could turn out to be the push somebody needs to purchase your property.