Easy to Make DIY Candle Holder Ideas


Hey top dreamers! I have made you an amazing post that is called Easy to Make DIY Candle Holder Ideas. All of the ideas that I have selected for you are very beautiful, easy and quick to make and you won’t need any special materials, tools, skills or techniques for them.

After a stressful day, all we need is a hot shower with a candle or two. Nothing creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere than candles, so you should always have them in your house. I can freely say that they can put the most stressful person at ease. I think that’s the reason why we all use them as a table decorations when gathering the family and friends for the holidays.

There are so many different types of candles. You can find them in different shape, color and with or without a smell. There are also special candles for bathroom, living room and bedroom. Also, you can find a wide specter of candle holders too.

If you can’t find a holder for your candles that will fit perfectly to the other interior decoration, then you should definitely take a look at these 15 easy to make candle holder ideas that I have selected for you. You shouldn’t spend a fortune on things that you can create at home, so check these ideas out and inspire yourself. Enjoy and have fun!


Make Your Own Candles in a Few Seconds 

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Quick and Easy to Follow Tutorial 

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Washi Tape + Glass = Marvelous Holders for Your Candles 

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Vintage Candle Holder 

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Modern Little Holders Made of Lace

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Unique Candle Holder for Your Bedside Table 

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Modern Votive Candle Holders for Your Living Room

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Birch Candle Holders – Beautiful Decoration for Your House 

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DIY Glass Bead Candle Holder

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Fantastic Candle Holders made of Benches 

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Glue Flowers to the Glasses and Turn Them into Beautiful Candle Holders 

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Easy to Make Candle Holder 

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Beautiful Party Balloon Luminaries 

diy luminaries
image via www.candletech.com

Black Spray + Tape = Amazing Heart Candle Holder

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Glass Jar + Paint = Beautiful Candle Holder 

image via www.cremedelacraft.com

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found these ideas above interesting and fun and you will try to make them at home. If you have some other suggestions for me, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Top Dreamer!