Easy-To-Make DIY Copper Crafts To Get Inspired From


One of the home decor trends that will be popular this year is the trend of decorating with metallics, especially copper. Copper is a type of metal that features a warm glow and can look both rustic and natural. It gives a rosy hue to everything it touches. There are many ways of incorporating this metal into the home, from kitchen countertops to kitchen cabinets and from decorative sculptures to fireplaces. There are also many possible DIY ways to decorate your home with copper, whether with copper pipes, spray paint or such washi tape. Today, we are bringing to you several Easy-To-Make DIY Copper Crafts that you can get inspired from of how to incorporate this rosy hue into your lovely homes.

One can of copper spray paint can do wonders and give some life to old objects. For instance, get some old tin can or a plain clay pot and spray it with some copper paint. You can do the same for some plain bowls, glasses, mugs and thus make them look less boring. Besides copper spray paint, you can decorate your home with some copper washi tape. Simply, apply the tape in the way you like and create some interesting decorations. And of course, not to forget to mention the copper pipes that can be recycled in so many different ways. They are perfect decorations for industrial style interiors. Use them to create some wall clock, lamp, side table etc. Go ahead now and check out how you can do all of the above mentioned crafts as well as many other and choose how you will decorate your home with some copper. Enjoy!

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DIY Copper & Geometric Shape Clock

geometric and copper clock diy
Photo via: alwaysrooney.com

DIY Cement & Copper Candle Centerpiece

DIY Cement And Copper Candle Centerpiece
Photo via: aransweatersdirect.com

Easy Orb Lampshade

easy orb lampshade
Photo via: dreamalittlebigger.com

DIY Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Industrial Copper Pipe Clock
Photo via: dwellinginhappiness.com

DIY Geometric Copper & Wood Fruit Bowl

diy geometric copper & wood bowl
Photo via: makery.uk

DIY Copper Desk Organizer

Photo via: freutcake.com

DIY Copper Pipe Shelves

diy copper pipe shelves
Photo via: delineateyourdwelling.com

DIY Copper Glass

diy copper glass
Photo via: buzzfeed.com

DIY Copper Edge Mirror

DIY Copper Mirror
Photo via: makerssociety.com.au

Copper Pipe Wall Sconce

Photo via: camillestyles.com

DIY Copper Pipe Side Table

DIY Copper Pipe Side Table
Photo via: abeautifulmess.com

DIY Copper Pipe Icosahedron Light Fixture

diy copper pipe light fixture
Photo via: thegatheredhome.com

DIY Copper Shoe Rack

diy copper shoe rack
Photo via: hometalk.com

DIY Copper Pipe Necklace

Photo via: kollabora.com

DIY Thrifted Jewelry Organizer

Thrifted Jewelry Organizer
Photo via: brepea.com

So, which one from the above DIY copper crafts you would try to do and thus incorporate this warm hue into your home? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other idea of how to decorate your home with copper. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other DIY projects of how to decorate your home on a budget.