Easy Ways to Park at SFO – One of the Busiest Airports in the USA


San Francisco International Airport is easily one of the most frequented airports in the United States of America. In January 2018, it was announced that SFO served 55.8 million passengers in 2017, alone.  The secret to SFO Airport’s success was encouraging airlines to use larger aircrafts wherever possible, instead of adding more flights. With so many passengers, chances are you have taken a flight or two out of SFO for either work or a vacation. One of the biggest struggles, aside from getting to the airport, is finding airport parking in US, and the SFO parking struggle is real. San Francisco airport parking can seem like a hard beast to tackle, but we have made a list of easy ways to SFO parking with multiple SFO parking options as well.

SFO Valet – ParkVALET

  • Level 4 of the domestic garage gives you the option to use SFO’s ParkValet. Using SFO valet parking can be one if the most convenient way to park at the SFO expansive parking structures, saving you time on searching for a parking spot. The downside to using the SFO valet parking will have you paying a premium, as their rate per day is $45. However, at the SFO valet parking, you can pick-up and drop-off your car 24 hours a day.

SFO’s Automated Parking – ParkFAST

  • If you are looking for an automated parking experience, but want to park your car, yourself, ParkFAST may be one of the best SFO parking options. As someone who frequently travels, especially in and out of SFO, becoming a ParkFAST member can help you save some money on San Francisco airport parking. Once you become a member, you’ll receive a card that allows you to easily swipe in and out without having to stop at a SFO parking cashier or pay station. Keep in mind that you can utilize this without being a member, but you will have to pay by credit card.

SFO Long Term Parking

  • SFO Airport offers a few of its own SFO long term parking lots and garages. The SFO long term parking lots can be a good option for a relatively easy access to and from the airport. It is a bit farther from the SFO Airport terminals, but there are shuttles running every 5-15 minutes to get you to and from the airport. This is a cheap long term parking at SFO option, as opposed to using ParkVALET or ParkFAST.

SFO Parking at Nearby Hotels

  • While hotels near the SFO Airport are not affiliated with SFO directly, you can park at these hotels and take a free shuttle to SFO. Plus, you can reserve your spot in advance with companies like Way.com and get airport parking discounts compared to the drive-up rate.

SFO Parking at Off-Site Airport Lots & Garages

    • Just like the hotels, these airport parking garages are not on the actual airport property but are within proximity of SFO. You can also reserve SFO parking ahead of time, through Way.com, to get great SFO parking deals!  
      • Hotel & Off-Site SFO Parking Benefits:
        • There are lots of SFO parking options around the airport for you to choose from. With so many SFO parking options, you can shop around and decide on certain amenities such as 24/7 surveillance, covered or uncovered lots and valet parking.
        • SFO parking facilities have shuttles that can get you to and from SFO. Keep in mind; you may have to call for the shuttle once you get to the lot, or back from your flight.
        • You can reserve SFO parking spots in advance to know exactly where to go to save you some time.

San Francisco Airport can seem daunting because of how big and busy it is. If you are driving to the SFO airport yourself, we hope we’ve showed you the ins and outs on the Easy Ways to Park at SFO.