Eco-Friendly Ways to Cope with Unwanted Honey Bees


Honey bees are true wonders of the environment. These little creatures produce the honey which we use for cooking and skincare. It also plays a crucial role in pollination and preserving the ecology. But a swarm of bees during the springtime can easily turn into a nightmare for property owners. The bumble bees especially turn aggressive when you try to fend or threaten them. They like to nest in the subsurface where where there is loose, soft materials. The whole phenomenon of bee swarming is common but it can give you sleepless nights. During the season of spring, bees come in clusters to reproduce and colonize new territories. But a swarm of bees is not only a frightening sight but it could ruin your property too.

The most effective way to tackle this problem is to adopt an Eco-friendly strategy of removing them without bringing them on the brink of extinction. The echo-friendly bee removal process revolves around relocating these creatures, their hives and honeycombs without exterminating them. The professional catchers of bees, Melbourne is someone you need to hire for conducting the total task. They will not only shift the bees and their hives but also repair the structure to prevent their infestation in the future. Most of the time, the bee catchers bring specially made cardboard box that contains some honeycomb inside to keep the captured bees in until they are shifted to another place such as a orchard or nearby community where they can exist peacefully. Since bees love to settle in floors, walls, roofs, the experts will repair them in such a way that they will be safe from not only bees but rodents, moths and other bugs.

Taking the assistance of the experts is always a wise option as they are well equipped to execute the whole task safely and quickly. With years of training behind them, they understand the bees, their behavior and the bee removal techniques quite well. Consider hiring the professional bee catchers from a reputable pest control company who provides different services that involve issues concerned with bugs and pests. Instead of using harmful pesticides, gasoline and chemical sprays, they use natural treatments to shift the insects from one place to another, as a result both the bees and the fragile environment is protected.

If you wish to do it by yourself, it could prove to be dangerous. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken to deal with huge amount of bees. At first, wearing suitable types of clothing is important. You should position your dress in your pants and have your pants tucked into your socks. Purchase hats, shoes and gloves for safety and protection. For shielding your face wear face masks.

You can also use repellents that relocates bee, Melbourne. Homemade solutions are environment friendly and effective. Scatter garlic powder in those areas where the bees accumulate however, do not use it directly on the bees as it may prove lethal.

In the recent years, there has been clearly a decline in the population of the bees and this is definitely a warning sign for the delicate ecosystem. Scientists have directly or indirectly blamed humans for this. Therefore, killing them is not the solution and we humans must realize this. The Eco-friendly ways are therefore the best way to cope with them.

Whether it is DIY (do it yourself) bee removal methods or hiring the experts, make sure it is Eco-friendly.