Eight fun facts about betta fishes


Siamese fighting fish so-called betta fishes are one of the most popular home aquaria, besides the goldfish. Very stunning fishes that come in a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. No wonder why so many aquarists are betta fans. Here are some fun facts you didn’t know about these amazing creatures.

”Betta” is not the name of the one fish species, but more than 70

Scientifically speaking, ”betta” is the name of dozen different fish species. Most people say betta fish, what they mean is about the most common fishes named betta Splendens, the fighting fish.

Siamese fish is a fighting fish

Betta fishes are also known as Siamese fighting fish and for a very good reason. They are very territorial and aggressive fishes. Females are not as violent as males. A betta of any sex will fight one another without any hesitation. When they see their reflection in their aquarium, bettas get flared up with aggression. They usually don’t fight to the dead as many people believe, but they do lead to serious injury.

Bettas have different tail shapes

These stunning fishes come in many shapes and colors, but the most unique thing about these creatures is their tails. Betta tail shapes come in a comb, crown, delta, double, Halfmoon, half sun, plakat, feather, rose, round, spade, and veil. Many of these types have their subtypes and they are often mixed into hybrid shapes.

Betta colors

Colorful bettas are the result of selective breeding that’s why they come in a variety of colors, shapes and they are very attractive looking. Wild betta splendens are in a dull brown and green color with a red dot on their fins. The wild bettas have smaller and understated fins. Their natural appearance is not that charming compared to the bettas that hobbyist breed as pets. These breeders create a variety of bolder and brighter betta colors, patterns, and shapes through selective breeding all the time.

Sexual dimorphism in bettas

Male and female bettas have explicit different shapes, colors, and sizes. Many betta lovers usually go for male bettas because they are larger and display brighter colors and ornate finesse. On the other hand, females are smaller and less visually striking and they often end up widely available in pet stores. Those who buy female betta often usually do because they plan to breed their bettas.

Bettas are carnivores

Bettas eat meat and those who are kept as pets are feed with freeze-dried blood worms and shrimp. Special food for bettas is available in any pet store. The wild betta’s feast on bloodworms, shrimp, crickets, flies, and even grasshoppers.

Bettas are anabantoids

Bettas can breathe air and survive outside water. That is because these fishes are anabantoids and they have a special organ that allows them to breathe airs. Oxygen for this fishes is very important for the survival of their habitats and if the tanks are not properly maintained it will be difficult for them to breathe. That’s why their habitat needs to be cleaned and the oxygen controlled. Bettas can survive several hours outside the water but they have to be maintained moist. But it is better not to test this ability for the health and happiness of the betta fish.

Bettas are intelligent enough to be trained


These fishes are very intelligent and can recognize their owners. Some people even succeeded to train their bettas to perform tricks, like following their finger around the bowl, swimming through hoops, or pushing a ball into a goal. Beautiful and stunning to watch, these fishes need a proper level of care so they can be happy and healthy.