Elegant And Sophisticated Manicure Ideas


Hey there nail art lovers! Have you been waiting for some nailspiration that will give you ideas for your next manicures? I believe that you have, so scroll down to find the Elegant And Sophisticated Manicure Ideas that I have collected just for you. Seasons bring new trends all the time, but sometimes we just want to forget about all of them, and go for something more classy. Maybe you get tired from all the colors and prints, and you want something that is simple yet stylish. There are many formal events that you should attend and it’s not convenient to go there with some childish nail art that doesn’t match your elegant dress, and the amazing hairstyle. You have to be polished from head to toe, and you need to pay attention to every detail. Nails are those small details that never go unnoticed, so if you want to convey an image of yourselves that is 100% stylish, then browse through the ideas and choose the nail design you like the best. They are not hard to recreate, and I think that you would be able to do them on your own. The colors that you will be seeing the most are black, white and beige, but you can use other too. Copy the ones you like the most and be confident wherever you go.

Image via ameblo.jp
Image via prettydesigns.com

Black nails can give you such a dramatic look and can put all the attention on you. You can embellish them with rhinestones for a fabulous look. What’s your opinion about them? I think they are oh-so-glamorous!

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The glitter nail polish will elevate every nail art on a higher level. I especially like them because they are so stylish and classy. What do you think about them?

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Image via nailfeed.com

This nail design is the perfect choice for you if you love simple nail art that look so elegant and so unique at the same time. The black is a classy color and you can never go wrong with it.

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If you love monochromatic nails, and you prefer your nails to be painted in single colors, then this is the design for you. You can decorate it with gold or silver striping tape, according to the rest of your accessories.

Image via blog.lulus.com
Image via stylowi.pl

The emerald green is one of the royal colors and I think that will make sophisticated nail designs. Those two below are gorgeous!

Image via ink361.com
Image via liloo-nailart.com
Image via ashlaporte.tumblr.com