Energy-Saving at Home: Crazy Ways People Try to Save on Energy Bills


Whether it’s the hot summer months or the cold winter months, people are always looking for ways to cut back on their energy bills in one way or another. 

Saving on energy costs is extremely important if you live in states that experience extreme heat like Texas or Florida. Some people will take fewer showers and walk around in swimsuits during the summer months while others will wear a couple of layers of sweatsuits in the winter to stay warm and keep from having to turn the heat up too much. And that’s just a few “normal” things people do.


You’d actually be quite surprised at the measures some people go to just to lower their monthly energy bills. The funny part about it is that these tactics actually work in either lowering your energy bill or saving you money. In your efforts to reduce your energy bills, have you done any of these crazy tactics?

Washing Your Clothes in the Shower

It’s common for people to wash their delicates by hand, even today. But instead of just washing your delicates by hand, have you ever thought about washing all your clothes by hand? There are more people that actually do this than you think. Just fill your bathtub, throw your laundry soap and clothes in there and get to work!

Is this time-consuming? Absolutely, but you’ll save money in terms of your water use. According to the US Geological Survey, a 10-minute shower is the equivalent of using the same amount of water as a standard-sized washing machine.

“Dumpster Dive” For Food

As gross as this sounds, people actually do it. NPR reported that retailers and restaurants waste on average around 10% of consumable food every year. Why? Because customers are extremely picky and because certain food regulations won’t allow businesses to hold food past a certain date, even if the average person says “it’s still good.”

Restaurants and grocery stores throw food out at the end of the day and some people know this and will dig in the trash cans of restaurants and grocery stores and take home the food that has been thrown out. A safer route to go would be to simply talk to the manager at closing time if you could have the foods they’re going to throw out.

Use Paper Instead of Toilet Paper

That newspaper and junk mail you have sitting on the counter… Can you imagine using it to go to the bathroom with? You might not be able to picture yourself using it to go to the bathroom with but you shouldn’t find this particular tactic too hard to believe, especially with the toilet paper shortage the world experienced at the start of the pandemic. 

But to be fair, individuals who used paper to use the restroom, only did it because there was no toilet paper available to buy. But there are people in this world who use newspapers and junk mail to use the restroom with by choice! Aside from the discomfort of the texture, it does save you money… And since the pandemic emerged, toilet paper prices have skyrocketed.

Urinate in a Bottle or Container

Speaking of bodily functions, when you have to use the restroom, many people will go in a bottle or container and use the waste as fertilizer for plants. This honestly isn’t to gross you out by no means, but to inform you. Just reading this, it sounds gross but this tactic is actually great for the environment. Your waste is actually nourishment for plants, and by not flushing the toilet every time you go, you’re saving gallons of water every day.


These are extreme lengths that real people have actually done to try and save on their monthly energy bills, and it’s just completely unnecessary. The best way to save on your monthly electric bills is to invest in electricity generated from renewable resources.

Companies like Power Setter allow customers to choose power from suppliers of their choice.

This option allows you to have more control over your energy bill by choosing a plan that’s right for you. And the best part is that it saves you money! In order to really see results from making this switch, it will require some conscious efforts on your part but nothing as extreme as the above tactics.

Just simply being more aware of your energy use will suffice. Turning off the lights in rooms when you’re not in them helps, lowering your water heater temperature, setting your thermostat a little above or below what the current outside temperature is, and using less hot water are all simple and effective techniques to lower your energy bill without resorting to ridiculous tactics.