Enhance Your Business with Retractable Awnings


Retractable awnings have many functions and they are highly beneficial to any commercial business that chooses to install them on their property. They can maximise the value of your property, attract customers and reduce your energy costs. As a business owner, you won’t only see an increase in sales, you’ll always see more favourable reviews directed towards your business.

Create Additional Space

If you are running a commercial business such as a coffee shop or restaurant, creating space is vitally important. The more seats you can comfortably fit into your premises, the more customers you can service. During the warm summer months, retractable outdoor awnings in Melbourne are perfect for allowing your patrons to sit outside and enjoy the weather. They don’t have to worry about UV exposure as your outdoor awnings will provide shade and comfort.

Having outdoor seating all year round is only possible when you have outdoor awnings to protect your furniture and cover your customers. They provide a large amount of seating and give your patrons the option of enjoying food and beverages outdoors.

Save on Costs

A great way to effectively reduce heat gain is to install outdoor awnings, they can dramatically lower your utility costs and help your business save money. Heat gain is a huge problem in commercial buildings and outdoor awnings are designed to provide shade, thus reducing heat gain and decreasing the amount of sunlight that penetrates your building.

Here are just 3 ways outdoor awnings make and save your business money:

  • Reduced Cooling Load

When you install outdoor awnings on your business, you drastically reduce heat gain, this also lowers your cooling load. Your cooling load is basically how much other equipment like fans and air conditioning have to work to reduce the heat in your building and lower the temperature to an acceptable level.

So, if you can control the amount of heat that enters your building without having to rely heavily on electrical equipment, you basically save your business a lot of money on utility bills.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Heat tends to enter your premises through the front door, simply because this is the main place customers enter and exit your building. An outdoor awning strategically placed above your primary entrance can reduce the amount of heat that enters your front door.

Customers are free to browse your store without feelings uncomfortable because of sticky, humid environments. The longer they stay in your store, the more likely they are to spend money.

  • Enhanced Awareness

Outdoor awnings don’t just help to reduce energy bills, they also allow you to enhance your brand awareness. They can be used to advertise your brand, so people know what you are selling, how much it costs and how to get in touch. You can put graphic designs on your awnings, select a specific colour and choose a certain size to fit on your building.


Commercial outdoor retractable awnings are adaptable and highly robust, the main reason many business owners choose retractable awnings as opposed to fixed structures is that they can retract them whenever they need. For example, if a strong storm is predicted to hit town, you can retract your awnings, so they don’t get damaged during powerful winds. This can also be retracted to allow more natural light in during cloudy days.

If you want to enhance the look of your business and reduce energy costs, you should speak to an awning specialist to see what kinds of products they have on offer. They can design custom made outdoor awnings to suit your needs. Awnings are easy to install, affordable and they can be fitted anywhere on your premises.