Essential items for the ultimate guest bedroom



Whilst our homes can provide us all with a safe haven away from the stresses of modern living, there’s nothing better than sharing your interior space with friends and family!

But rather than putting your loved ones up on that threadbare sofa in the living room, why not treat them to a guest area that features the best beds, some eye-catching design flourishes, and plenty of accessories to make them feel especially pampered.

Too often our bedrooms become something of a storage area. So make sure that you give the room time to air out before your guests arrive, and if in doubt be sure to invest in some luxury bed linen from a retailer like Givan’s to make them feel all the more welcome after a long journey.


And there’s nothing more likely to endear you to your loved ones than by giving them a bed that guarantees a good night’s sleep. But with storage in guest rooms always being an issue, checking out Bedstar’s range of single beds that pull out can make sense as the extra bed can simply be hidden away in the day time.


Giving your guests a place to store their personal effects can also pose an issue, but with some of these shabby chic storage boxes, they can add a little extra storage space, and even provide a place for all of those winter blankets during the summer months.



Similarly, issues of storing guest’s clothes can be made a little easier with a simple pullout clothes rack. And although most guests will travel fairly light, it’s a good idea to cater to their digital needs by having a multi-region power strip so that they can enjoy their latest tech without having to decide whether they’d prefer to charge their phone or keep the light on!


There are many other items that can make all of the difference in causing a favourable impression amongst your guests. Whether it’s including a fresh box of tissues, extra bedding and pillows, or even some especially fluffy bath towels, there’s nothing like spending a little extra to ensure that you don’t suffer the embarrassment of your guest having an awkward stay in your home.


And finally just to make sure that your guest realises that they’re staying in your home and not a hotel, be sure to put a vase of freshly cut flowers in the room for that extra personal touch!