Essential Safety Gear That Every Solo Traveler Must Pack


Solo travel is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to be on your own and discover your destination just the way you want to. Apart from the thrill factor, there is always a risk when you travel alone, particularly if it’s to a distant or dangerous place. There are threats at the apparently safe places as well because solo travelers are often soft targets for people with malicious intentions. Moreover, there are unpredictable threats like riots, bombings, and attacks that can happen anytime and anywhere. Safety should, therefore, be your top priority. Fortunately, it is easy to prep up by packing the essential safety gear along with the basics. Here is a checklist of safety essentials that every solo traveler must follow.


Anti-theft clothing

Since you will be carrying cash and credit cards around, it always makes sense to conceal them in your clothing rather than put them in your bag. You can go one step ahead with securing your valuables with anti-theft clothing for your next solo trip. You can pick pants, shirts, and even undergarments that feature hidden interior pockets for securely storing your cash and cards.

Ballistic armor

Theft is only a small concern when you travel solo, and you need to go the extra mile to stay safe from physical harm. If you are planning to visit a dangerous location, packing body armor in your travel gear makes sense. It becomes more vital if your trip has hazardous activities lined up, like a hunting spree or a visit to a war zone. However, you must make sure that carrying and wearing ballistic armor at your destination is legally permissible. 

A personal alarm

If you are keen to use technology for safety, a personal alarm is the right piece of gear to pack when traveling alone. You can wear one as a necklace, bracelet, or key chain, which means that it wouldn’t attract attention yet give you confidence about personal safety. The small and inconspicuous device has a button that you can press when in danger. It will make a loud noise and attract attention, so there are good chances that the attacker would be dissuaded, and you will get help right away. 

Pepper spray

As crime is rising in all parts of the world, you cannot be complacent about personal security, more so if you are traveling alone. While you can go through to know about advanced defense, going with the basics is equally vital. At a very basic level, you can carry a pack of pepper spray in your bag. But before packing it, check the country-specific regulations and airline rules about carrying it in your luggage. Fortunately, most areas of the US allow you to carry and use it, so pack it up for staying secure.

Apart from packing the right safety gear, prioritize common sense, and vigilance to stay safe every time you step out alone at an unknown destination. Follow the basics like staying at a safe place, avoiding lonely spots, and not trusting strangers too much. Being just a little extra cautious with your safety can make your trip stress-free and enjoyable.