Essential Steps to Take in the Wake of a Truck Accident


Auto accidents can be frightening on a number of levels. In addition to the immediate threat of personal injury, such accidents stand to cause you tremendous stress over the long term. As many car accident victims can attest, dealing with exorbitant medical bills and/or insurance companies can be more stressful than the accident itself. Unsurprisingly, the involvement of a commercial truck is likely to make any accident significantly worse. Given the enormous size of these vehicles, they stand to do a fair amount of damage to even the most resilient cars. So, if you ever find yourself caught up in a truck accident, make sure to take the following measures.

Get to a Safe Spot and Make the Necessary Calls 

Leaving the scene is one of the worst things you can do for yourself in the wake of a truck accident. Instead, park in the nearest safe spot and determine whether you or any of your passengers have incurred injuries. Additionally, if the responsible party feels the scene, make an effort to get their plate number, but do not attempt to chase them. If you or anyone else on the scene is seriously injured, call an ambulance. Furthermore, abstain from moving people who have been seriously injured, as this stands to exacerbate their injuries and cause lasting damage. As such, the task of moving injured parties should be left to professionals. If there are no noticeable injuries, place a call to the police. Of course, even if there are, the police should still be called – and in some states, you’re legally required to do so.  

Document Damages and Injuries 

You should also document any injuries you or your passengers incur, as well as any damage is done to your vehicle. Taking pictures of vehicle damage and injuries as soon as possible will provide you with valuable evidence with which to make your case to both your insurer and if need be, the police.  

Exchange Information 

Once the necessary calls have been made, attempt to exchange information with the other party – or parties – involved in the accident. Should any parties prove uncooperative or outright combative, make no further effort to engage with them. Instead, simply inform the police of their unwillingness to cooperate and request that they obtain the information you seek.   

Report the Accident to Your Insurer 

Reporting the accident to your insurer should be among the first steps you take in the wake of a truck accident. The sooner your insurer becomes aware of an accident, the sooner they can get to work on addressing your claim. Conversely, waiting a long time to report the accident is liable to seem suspicious and result in your claim taking longer to process. 

Additionally, if you don’t have car insurance, you’d do well to correct this mistake posthaste. Even if another party is 100% to blame for an accident, getting the compensation you’re owed can prove difficult in the absence of a dependable insurer. Furthermore, in most states, driving without car insurance is illegal. Should you find yourself involved in a truck accident in one of these states, you’re liable to get in trouble if you can’t provide proof of insurance – regardless of who’s at fault for the accident. So, if you’re currently without automotive coverage, you have absolutely nothing to lose by seeking out car insurance quotes.  

Get in Touch with an Attorney 

If the party responsible for the accident or their insurer refuses to cover your medical costs, repair bills and other expenses associated with the incident, reach out to a knowledgeable truck accident attorney. A seasoned lawyer will have ample experience dealing with irresponsible motorists and their insurers and may very well be able to get you the compensation you’re owed. So, instead of allowing yourself to be taken advantage of by an unsafe driver and/or their insurer, simply schedule a consultation with a highly-rated attorney.  

A truck accident is just about the last thing you want to be caught up in. Since commercial trucks can do significantly more harm than average-sized vehicles, it behooves every safety-conscious motorist to be particularly wary of them on the road. Should you ever find yourself involved in a truck accident, the steps you take in the immediate aftermath may ultimately determine how much long-term stress the experience causes you. With that in mind, take care to make good use of the pointers discussed above.