Essential tips to choose the best paddle for kayak fishing


Choosing the best kayak paddle for fishing is most important to kayak fisherman and it comes with different materials, designs and features options so you can pick the best one as per your desire. The kayak paddle mostly comes in the length of 210cm to 260cm. If you are looking to get comfort and efficiency while paddling then you must select a fishing paddle board based on width of your kayak, stroke style and length of your torso.  Two main styles of the paddle strokes are available such as low angle and high angle. High angle padding is stroke which is used by fitness oriented kayakers and whitewater.

Need to know about the different types of kayak paddle shafts

Finding quality kayak paddle might not be required much technical and different kinds of the kayak paddle shafts are available which includes

  • Adjustable shaft paddles
  • Bent or straight shaft

The kayak fishing is gaining more popularity throughout USA, especially with the use of a kayak fish finder. Most of the paddle blade is having an excellent feature of asymmetrical dihedral shape. While choosing the kayak paddle for fishing, you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Blade size
  • Comfort
  • Angle

Paddle comes with the bent or straight shafts. Both styles might work for the kayak fishing but bent shaft paddle is angler friendly. You are advised to select most versatile blade which is called as recreational or all purpose style. The term feathered refers to alignment of two paddle blades.

Understand the importance of kayak paddle for fishing

You must choose the high quality of kayak paddle material because it might affect durability and weight of kayak paddle. Different types of the materials are available in kayak paddle like

Most of the entry level paddle is made with the aluminum shafts and plastic or nylon blades. This kind of the paddle is durable and inexpensive but it is heavier than high end kayak paddle. Fiberglass paddle is best option to many kayakers because it is lighter than aluminum paddles. If you are advanced level kayakers then carbon fiber is the best choice because it is incredibly strong and lightweight. Angler can take advantage on the long term comfort and paddling efficiency. Aluminum is the wallet friendly shaft material because it is serviceable and durable. At the same time fiberglass and carbon shaft is strong and durable. Suppose you are willing to select right kayak fishing paddle, you must find out right length paddle. In case you are an active or athletic paddler then you can choose 10cm to 230cm kayak paddle length. Paddle length of the fishing kayak depends on the width of boat, height and seating position. In case your boat is wide then you must choose longer paddles. In fact longer paddle might minimize efficiency of stroke. Huge numbers of the blade designs are available for paddles like wide, narrow and dihedral blades. In case you are planning for the touring long stretches then you can select narrow blade fishing kayak paddle. Kayak paddle comes with two different kinds of the blade alignment options like matched and feathered.

Reasons to choose the kayak paddle for fishing

Once you visit the trusted site then you can get the superb info on fishing paddles. Some of the kayak paddle is extremely durable and lightweight along with solid and excellent construction. The best kayak paddle might come with excellent numbers of the features such as drip guards, foam grips, three position system, two piece shafts and contour molded blades. For taller and heavier paddlers, you can choose longer and wider blade kayak paddle is the best choice. Vast numbers of the kayak types are available like touring kayak, recreational kayak, performance kayak and whitewater kayak. High angle shaft might keep shaft more vertical during the stroke. The paddler who is looking to use fast cadence then you can use wider blade paddle and shorter shaft. Low angle paddler might keep paddle relatively horizontal. High angle is aggressive style of the paddling and it could be the best choice to entry level and intermediate paddlers. Kayak is required only less maintenance rather than fishing power boats. There are amazing numbers of the reasons are there to choose kayak paddle such as

  • Cheaper alternative
  • Less maintenance
  • Make catching easier

You can invest in the premium quality of the kayak paddle because it might last for longtime. While choosing kayak paddle, you must follow some essential tips such as blade choice, material, price, length and shaft choice. Lightweight material might improve performance. Feathered blade or bent shaft might improve paddle effectiveness.

Fantastic features involved in kayak paddle

Small diameter shaft is offering less fatiguing grip to paddler and it is either designed with the small or standard diameter. If you are choosing kayak paddle then you can get excellent numbers of advantages which includes

  • Easy propelling through water
  • Comfortable handling
  • Small storage is required for transportation
  • Help with staying dry
  • Customizable

A paddle is the most important piece of the equipment for kayak fishing. Massive numbers of the paddles are available which might vary from design and shaft or blade construction. When it comes to the paddling styles then three types are available like mid, low and high. River running kayak paddle must be longer and you must concern about catch length while choosing kayak paddle. Choose the shape of your bladed as per style of the paddling that you are looking to do such as low angle and high angle. If you are doing some research in online then you might find out the superb info on fishing paddles as per your wish. Touring kayak is especially designed to have more capacity rather than other kinds of kayaks. Recreational kayak is built to be short and width might range from 26 inches to 30 inches.  Generally, it is always better to select shorter kayak paddle so it will give you amazing comfort. The wider blades lends to the powerful stroke which might allow you to accelerate quickly so carefully pick the best kayak paddle.