Some Essentials Immigrants Must Know When Planning to Move to Canada


Canada is a now a dreamland for migrants from across the globe as an ideal destination to try their luck and build a bright future. A country just a throw from North America, Canada offers a good quality of life and high-standard living facilities to the inhabitants. By creating a lot of employment opportunities in technology and non-technical fields, this country is now becoming an attractive place for all class of people to work and reside.

Canada also is very lenient to immigrants and so resettling to this country is not difficult for people from the third-world countries too. It is seen that due to the high-quality living standards and scope for betterment, many of the immigrants ultimately become the permanent citizens of this country and never go back. Even though the policies are lenient, there are still some stringent procedures to be completed for immigration, and this guide will help.

A brief history of Canada immigration

People from all across the globe started to migrate to Canada many years ago. However, the mode of migration and procedures keep on changing. The first act regulation migrations as ‘Domestic Immigration Law” kept on changing by incorporating some new regulation as the Immigration Act of Canada in 1976 and the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act in 2002.

There are three classes of immigrants as:

  1. Family Class – Blood relatives of the permanent Canadian citizens.
  2. Independent immigrants – those who are fresh immigrants to the country to work and live here, and
  3. Refugees

The immigration services Canada apply a broad policy as the country is mostly composed of residents and skilled workforce coming from various races. We can see that near to 34 ethnic groups from across the continents forms the ethnic multiplicity of the land of Canada. Many of these populations consist of hundred or above individuals.

The most welcoming fact about Canada is that the country is genuinely open to having people from different races to add to the diversity and attractiveness of the nation. Canadian government expects above 250,000 immigrants each year from different countries, and now the top countries from where immigrants are keen about resettling to Canada are China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, United States, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Colombia etc.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, then it is essential to have proper assistance to qualify through the valuation, and an excellent Canada Immigration Guide will help. You also need to have the guidance of a professional and expert immigration consultant which makes your resettling smoother and safer. There are a lot of online sites too which offers advice for easy Canada immigration. All that you need to equip yourself for Canada immigration is independent research and gathering of maximum possible information through the internet.

Even though you know by now that Canada immigration is comparatively easier, it is essential to be very careful about each step you take. Along with many reputable immigration consultants, there is a lot of fraudulence too through the internet in the name of Canada immigration. Be thoroughly knowledgeable about the reputation and relevance of the immigration service provider before paying out any fee to the immigration services you approach.