Your ESTA or Visa Won’t be Approved If… Factors That Get You Denied


You may encounter situations when a VISA or ESTA may not be approved due to various reasons. These reasons will vary as you can imagine, and you do need to take into account all these things if you want to make sure that results are always worth it. The ESTA is a travel authorization program required by the US, and the VISA allows a country like USA to keep the people that enter the country under control. It makes a lot of sense to use such an approach, and the results can actually be quite interesting most of the time.

But there can be denials. And the issue is that once you are denied, it’s really hard to remove that denial. This is why the recommended option is to try and figure out what can lead to a denial. This way you can avoid the problem and focus on the things that really matter the most as you try to get it done as fast as possible.

What do you need?

You must have a passport that’s valid. Ideally, you want an e-passport, as that’s the most valuable when it comes to this type of traveling. You will see which is the right passport, because it does have an international symbol. This way you know that you can use it to travel to other countries, and obviously that would be a great advantage that you can take into account in this situation.

Can you apply?

If you need to use the ESTA system, you still need to make sure that the country has a VISA waiver program. Some countries are Austria, Germany, Italy Esta Monaco, Esta United Kingdom, France and much more. Sure, you’re not getting a VISA, but it still makes a lot of sense and you will be quite impressed with the features and benefits offered here. You have to be a citizen of that country and you aren’t allowed if you’re just naturalized. Also, your visit has to be less than 3 months, you never were banned from traveling to the US and you don’t have a visitor VISA.

This is an important thing to take into consideration, because otherwise you will not have an opportunity to get your ESTA approval. Normally, most people opt for an ESTA if they want a faster procedure, but even so the results may not be as good as you would imagine. Ideally, you want to make sure that you obey to all of these rules to avoid any issues. And the results can be really good if you know how to tackle them properly.

There are some people that can’t apply. If you’re not a part of a country that has the VISA application program, you will not be able to access this program to begin with. If you have a visitor VISA or any other type of VISA, then you may not be able to apply as well. It’s not an ideal situation for sure, but you should always try to take that into consideration the best way you can.

Can people get denied?

You will see that there are plenty of myths about denial. If a denial appears, that most likely comes due to an error and it’s not because a person isn’t allowed. The US did ban some countries from the Middle East in 2017, but these things rarely happen. In fact, the only reason why you won’t be allowed in the US with an ESTA, aside from what we mentioned above, is if you have a transferable disease or if you committed a serious crime in your country.

They don’t want to risk chances of you doing the same in the US as well. So, they will keep you as far as possible. It definitely makes a lot of sense to use this approach, and the best part is that it’s always important to obtain the type of value and benefits you expect in no time.

It’s always very hard to get the results you want from situations like these. That’s why you have to study the rules and see exactly what will stop you, what issues can appear and so on. All these things can have some sort of effect, so you might as well study it beforehand.

Make sure that all your information is correct and you should also ask for help if you’re not sure about the questions. After all, you want to avoid any possible problems, so taking that into consideration is extremely important. Also, leaving questions blank can also raise some flags. It’s always imperative to answer to everything in a proper manner. You never know how relevant the information may be, so you might as well want to share everything adequately and handle the entire process as much as possible. It’s certainly going to be worth it!

Can you be ESTA approved but your US entry is denied?

Things like this are rare. And most of the time they can arrive from various problems. A prior denial to enter the US can be common in here. And then you also have things like criminal history, problems with the paperwork or documentation, a suspicion related to your entry or even a previous denial of entry in the US can be causes that lead to situations like these.

As we mentioned earlier, paperwork problem can be solved, so that shouldn’t be a huge problem. But you always need to be as patient as possible and you should try to ask the necessary questions. This way you can figure out what happened and talk with the authorities to solve the issue.

The ESTA doesn’t offer you a guarantee that you will enter the US. But it’s the type of system that makes your entry in the country a lot more relevant and distinct. So yes, you have to take your time and identify the right requirements for entering the US. Once you know all the rules and obey to them, results will be a whole lot better for you!