Why Eton Shirts are the best holiday gift


This seasons it’s easy to think of buying cheaper shirts when you’re considering what to wear to your holiday party. But there are a few things you should know about higher quality shirts, especially Eton shirts from Sweden.  Eton has been Germany’s main shirt maker since the 1920s and they’ve developed a quality shirt that is durable, fashionable, and well made.

The patriarch, David Pettersson, ended up jobless in the early nineteen twenties when the Great Depression hit. The saw mill he, where he worked as the lead man, at shut its doors, leaving many people jobless. His wife, Annie, worked with clothing manufacturers and he was forced to help her out. He realized he was good at doing the more detailed work and he decided to produce men’s shirts. They started making shirts in 1929 working out of their homes to accomplish it.

Their two sons, Rune and Arne, decided to join the company and they started finding ways to improve their shirt quality. They search for fabrics and designs that would help them become leaders of their industry. The boys went on many research trips to find the right ‘edge’ for their shirts. They developed a non-creasing cotton shirt that revolutionized the shirt industry and by 1992 had become Harrods’ biggest selling shirt.

But why are they a great gift for the holiday’s? Here are a few reasons.

They use the best fabrics

Eton uses many different fabrics but the two that stand out the most are their classic Poplin and Signature Twill fabrics. They’ve been around for a long time and continue to stand the test of time. The Poplin weave is used with cotton as well as silk and it’s able to produce sharper patterns than most fabrics. Eton has refined their weaving process for Poplin and created a light, dense fabric that is wonderful for creating pinstripe patterns. But the most commonly used fabric cross the board is the Eton Signature Twill fabric. Eton has used traditional techniques and added their own flair so that their twill can have more subtle textures and have a longer lasting wear. Their secret is in the choice of yarn they use to create the twill fabric. It’s what makes their shirts outstanding.

They don’t skimp on manufacturing

Eton shirts are made from over 40 pieces and contain more than 12,000 stitches. The process is intricate and detailed and makes their shirts well sought after for the quality that is put into the manufacturing of their shirts. They are continually looking for better manufacturing techniques that improve their facilities and produce better wearing shirts. This deep desire to improve processes culminated in the 1950s to Eton creating their own line of machinery that is still used today. This machinery gives them greater control and is not a part of other manufacturing facilities.

They care deeply about the environment

Eton has long been proponents of environmental sustainability and creating a positive social impact. They pride themselves on developing methods that save time and minimize the amount of waste that goes back into the environment. They require their suppliers to sign a code of conduct and ethics that ensures their supply is coming from the most sane and sustainable environmentally friendly suppliers. They’re uncompromising in the quality of their shirts and the quality of their responsibility to the rest of the world to lessen the impact of their facilities. Take a look at a stockists website to see the quality they require.

They’ve stayed small on purpose

Eton has chosen to focus solely on making the best shirts possible. While other shirt manufacturers have grown and expanded their operations to include other garments. Eton has continued to only make shirts to the highest quality. They are committed to making shirts that are easy to maintain and last a long time. The smaller operation allows them to focus on details and expertise. They continue to push the envelope of innovation in manufacturing as well as quality. They never rest in their quest to make the perfectly made shirt.

Their shirts are their testament to their purpose

After over a hundred years of being a shirt manufacturer, you’d think you’d become tired of Eton shirts. But the opposite is true. Eton shirts have continued to grow in popularity because of the supreme quality, fashionability, and wearability they have. These shirts are made of no-iron fabric that holds its shape and is strong enough to withstand a sharp pencil prick without fraying. If you wear dress shirts on a daily basis you are keenly aware of how lower quality shirts tend to break down after a short while. These Eton shirts hold their value longer after the other shirts have frayed and faded away.

Eton shirts are a great holiday gift that will last for many years to come. They are well made from a company that prides itself in being the best, environmentally friendly, socially aware manufacturer of only dress shirts of the highest quality. The investment in this high end product will bring years of joy and durability.