Event Management Tips and Tricks You Should Apply In Your Wedding


Managing an event successfully is always a tough ask. One little mistake can lead to an event being branded as a failure. And if the event is your own wedding, you are going to feel the pressure. Everybody wants to make his or her wedding flawless, unique and unforgettable. So, if you are planning for the biggest event in your life, make sure you apply the following tips and tricks:

  1. Sit And List Down What You Have To Do

Before you set out and start doing everything, clear your head first and visualize the event. Imagine yourself in that event and list down the things that you need to accomplish. Do this with as much detail as possible and then turn them into a checklist so that you just have to tick off an item if it is already done.

Consult with some key people who will be working with you side by side to make your marriage a successful event. Give priority to the ideas of your partner and involve him or her in the decision making process. So, the idea is simple, sit and list down everything you and your partner has plans to do before and during the wedding.

  1. Designate accordingly

You have to accept that you cannot make your marriage a successful event alone. Designation is a key part of event management. But first, you need to know that the people helping you organize the event are people you trust. Assign to them tasks that would fit their skills and qualifications.

An advisable arrangement would be to divide the event into sections. Assign one section to a member of the event organizing team. Through this, they will be more effective in helping you manage the event as they will be in charge with a smaller part of the program.

  1. Do regular run throughs

Every time you make a big decision in the event, try to do a mental run through of the process. Try and imagine if it affects the outcome. If it does and you do not like its effect, it may be best to scrap that. Two weeks before the actual event, call the team members for a meeting and jointly do a mental walk through. Also do an actual walk through two days before the event in the venue.

  1. Book Everything In Advance If Possible

If you want to get the wedding venue and other things you will be renting for a lesser price, it is advisable to book them well in advance. You can save as much as 20 percent of the costs of these items that way. You can find all kids of wedding rentals around you. Look out for chairs and table for rent for wedding purpose around you first. Make sure the design of the wedding furniture is attractive. In fact, availability of various event décor rental makes the job of event management for your wedding an easier task. You should feel lucky if you find all the necessary rentals on time.

  1. Think like an attendee

When making decisions about the event, always place yourself in the shoes of an attendee. If you cannot see yourself or any other person enjoying the event because of something, do not do it. It would also be a way for you to think about making several processes easier for the attendees. This can be from sending RSVPs to looking for the bathrooms in the venue to faster access to refreshments in the event proper.

  1. Always Have A Backup Plan

Not everything will go well in events. A sound operator may back out, a cake may be delivered late or the venue may be overbooked. Prepare for the moment scenarios like these will arise.

Event management is hard but as you do more gigs, your skills in organizing an activity will become better. When organizing an event, do not forget to assess the good and the bad that happened in the activity so that you act on the issues that arose during the event.


The idea is to plan for everything well in advance and outsource key tasks. Delegate each assignment to trustable people and you can expect to see everything happening smoothly for you in the wedding day.