Everyday things that can activate your allergies


The allergies are believed to be the worst illness of the century. The nation have never faced that much allergies before. Each day the people are claiming to be allergic to something new. The worst part is that sometimes it takes time to discover what are you allergic to, therefore you suffer it meanwhile. For the one sensitive to too much ingredients and things, the worst season of the year happens to be the spring. There are some things that affect your health because of the allergies, therefore your whole body that can be avoided. On the other hand there are plenty of others unknown for each person separately until they study it better in order to find the real cause. Sometimes even the everyday habits can be fatal for your health without being aware of it, therefore you repeat this action every single day.

We share some of the most common yet less known products that might affect your health through the allergies. If you are a person sensitive to plenty of things, consider the following tips. Trying to avoid them can give you the answer whether they affect your body and health on positive or negative way.

Your clothes

If you are allergic to pollen consider this fact as one of the most important that might serve you later. The pollen can easily stick to the clothes you wear, therefore cause you troubles later all day long. So when you go around and you feel all the symptoms of the allergy, the first thing to do after entering home is changing your clothes and washing the old ones. The reason is that you bring the pollen everywhere around with you. Not only this but you leave it around on the table, on the couch, on the chair.


A particular fruit or vegetable

A particular raw items, tomato, potato and celery, just to mention some contain proteins which your body can easily misinterpret as pollen. This is known as an oral allergy syndrome. This can even lead to itching of the throat and mouth, making you feel uncomfortable.



The scientists have found that even the stress has negative effects on the people who suffer from allergies more than on any other person. The more stressful you are, the higher the chances to feel the negative effects of the allergies which is something you should definitely avoid.



This is the case when the much recommendable glass of red wine a day can bring you more troubles than benefits. Even though all the alcoholic beverages tend to expand the blood vessels, the one you should avoid most is the red wine. It can lead to even nose bleeding because is rich with sulphates.


Contact lenses

For the people with such issue it is more recommendable to use glasses rather than contact lenses. The reason behind this is that the lenses can easily collect the pollen dust all around which is something you should consider as serious. It can cause irritation for hours.