Everything to Know about New York City’s Luxury Apartments

30 Park Place; New York, NY. Robert A.M. Stern Architects. Silverstien Properties. Rendering by Archpartners

It is an uncontested fact that New York City is one of the major cities in the world for commerce, shopping, sightseeing and more. While millions come to New York City to visit every year, it is also the place that millions of people call home. Of course, most people remark on the high real estate prices throughout the city’s many neighborhoods, but numerous residents have the wealth to commit to a luxurious living in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities. Here, potential new residents or even visitors can learn more about what it takes to find a home in one of New York City’s posh neighborhoods.

Top Luxury Neighborhoods

Because New York City features some of the most expensive real estate in the world in the first place, it can be hard to differentiate between average and luxury neighborhoods here. However, there are certainly some enclaves of luxury scattered throughout the city. For example, many people think of the Upper East Side as being the lap of luxury. When comparing the median residential selling price throughout the entire city’s many neighborhoods though, a few definitely stand out from the competition.

Surprisingly, the neighborhood with the highest median selling prices is SoHo, a place known for its historic architecture, cast iron fences and delightful cafes. However, behind many of the 19th century building facades, lies some of the most beautiful and luxurious apartments in the city, many of which have been converted into modern loft spaces. Median residential selling prices here are over $2.7 million. Other top NYC neighborhoods for luxurious living include Tribeca, home of the celebrities, and the Flatiron District, bordered by Madison Square Park.

Top Luxury Apartment Amenities

With these high prices, it is certain that the very wealthy will be expecting some great amenities to go along with their new purchases. Luxury apartments in NYC certainly do not disappoint here. While luxury apartments are known for their amazing view of Central Park, the Hudson River or other hot spots and for their high-end upgrades, some go all out with their offerings to residents. For example, the Atelier Condo Tower offers ice-skating on its roof deck during the winter, and the Silver Towers complex offers a pet spa with dog day care, dog walking and more. Wealthy residents who have live-in cooks, house cleaners and nannies do not have to worry at 432 Park Avenue where staff suites are one of the city’s most coveted amenities. Other fabulous amenities include wine cellars, home theaters and private bowling alleys for apartment residents.

Top Luxury Pre-War Apartments

The city’s pre-war apartments offer gorgeous facades, a real sense of history and, in many cases, updated interiors. Fifth Avenue offers some gorgeous apartments, such as the complex at 998 Fifth Avenue, which is across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The San Remo in Central Park was built in 1930 and features two gorgeous towers with over 130 apartments. The Dakota has been famous for well over a century and offers gorgeous fireplaces, a beautiful courtyard and concierge service. While these buildings may be old, the interiors are indeed modernized with state-of-the-art appliances, raised ceilings, large living spaces and amenities, such as on-site health clubs.

Top New Luxury Apartments

Those who prefer modern architecture and the benefits of the newest spaces can check out New York City’s newest luxury apartments being created by top developers, such as Louis Ceruzzi. His new complexes on Lexington Avenue offer views of some iconic NYC landmarks. The Ashley is located by Riverside Park and provides amenities for those who love to be active, such as a rock-climbing wall and squash and basketball courts. The Mercedes House provides unobstructed views of the Hudson River through floor-to-ceiling windows. Other amazing new buildings include the Continental, the Larstrand and New York by Gehry.

Typical NYC Luxury Apartment Prices

Of course, those who want this type of living and these amenities will need to be prepared to pay some of the most extravagant prices in the world. For example, in Soho, Tribeca and the Flatiron District, average residential prices are well over $2 million. Many other neighborhoods have average prices over $1 million. Some especially luxurious apartments are even more expensive than this. A few rentals in the Upper East Side run up to $90,000 per month, and Fifth Avenue apartments, known for their extravagant histories, are sometimes sold for over $25 million. Prices depend on amenities but most particularly on location.

The most luxurious apartments in New York City offer some of the most extravagant amenities, views and rooms that anyone could possibly imagine. From on-site pet spas and full-service gyms to staff suites and sunset views of Central Park, New York City has something for even the most sophisticated real estate tastes. With some of the most respected real estate developers and interior designers located in this business capital, New York City is certainly one of the most exciting places to live.