Everything you want to know about German shepherd if you are planning to get one


About German sheperds

From its name, we see that the german shepherd originates from Germany, and it comes from the German herding dogs line, but the types vary from the areas in Germany. They are very intelligent dogs and mostly used by the police department for tracking missing people, convicts, sniffing drugs, and many defense tactics. But the German shepherd can be a great and loyal pet in the household because they are very kid-friendly dogs.



This dog can easily adapt to cold weather, but not so much to the hot weather, they tolerate being alone and can adapt to living in an apartment and they are good for novice owners, but they are very sensitive creatures. The German shepherds are very loyal and intelligent dogs and they love to play around with their owners.


They are friendly with kids and very affectionate with family. German shepherds love playing with kids and they enjoy treats and lots of cuddles. the good thing is that they are friendly with strangers so you won’t have to hold the leash when people passing by when you are walking your pet friend. Unfortunately, they don’t like their fellow dogs.

Health and grooming

These big dogs shred their fur a lot and they need more grooming attention and time. The good thing is they don’t drool and also they don’t gain weight fast. Bathing can be often or advice from the vet because their skin is very sensitive. It’s sad that they are prone to diseases, especially on their hips because of their bone structure. The most common german Sheperd diseases are Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Bloat, Epilepsy, Hemophilia, diabetes, and Degenerative Disc Disease.



Because this dog is very smart they are very easy to train, they have the potential for mouthiness, like to catch prey and they love howling and barking, it’s good that they have low wanderlust. Police officers train german shepherds every day and they became part of the police force because of their agility and strength and very strong bite. And also easily identify threats. Within months you will teach your shepherd how to catch, lay, roll over, to turn around, and to give paw.

Physical needs

German shepherds are very active dog breeds, the love long walks and pays. They need a lot of exercise to keep them happy and occupied. This will also stop them from barking out of boredom, chewing the couch, or disturbing the neighbors. If they are not exercised plenty and stimulated it can cause behavioral problems. These pups need extra attention and to stay active. German shepherds need a minimum of two hours of exercise every day, including walks without a leash in a pet-friendly area. Long walks and exploring with the owner is a must for these amazing dogs.

Dogs are our best friends

Let’s be honest, no matter what kind of dog breed we chose they will always grow in our hearts, the bond between dogs and humans has been for decades. A dog’s love is innocent like a baby in a cradle. We grow fond of them, they become loyal to us. And as always, they are needy for hugs and cuddles. Who doesn’t love cuddles? They protect us and our household and make our days playful and fluffy. The dog is a men best friend and companion.