Exciting reddish, golden & Ash Brown Hair Colour Ideas 2018


Golden, reddish and ash brown hair colour ideas can be very eye-catching without entirely changing your looks. If you feel that your simple blonde or standard brown are getting too out fashioned and tiring, and you want to upgrade your style choose between reddish, ash and golden-brown hair hue options.

These colour ideas look excellent on all hair types and are suitable for any lady out there. The reddish colour is the darkest and warmest colour among all these shades, followed by golden hair colour. The coolest hair hue is ash brown hair colour. Browse down to learn more about these hot colour shades for your hair.https://www.instagram.com/hairbyjosh_u/

  • Brown Mix

Golden and reddish-brown hair shades complement perfectly with each other. Choose a more natural look with smooth brown roots and some highlights of golden brown. We assure you that you would like the move.

However, bear in mind that golden brown colour looks almost like blonde so you must take utmost care regarding the grown-out roots. If you are not prepared for regular maintenance, opt to dye the tips golden brown and apply a darker colour at the top.https://www.instagram.com/erin.boha/

  • Bright and Golden

To make your shade shiny and fresh, you can augment golden brown and blonde strands. Your stylist will help you to do a subtle mix to make your hair look more natural.

  • Partial Highlights

If you are planning to try a new hair colour, partial highlights are the best choice for you. For instance, you want to go golden brown, just start with few strands. Most probably that would be enough for a start.

  • Ash Brown and Blond

Ash brown hair colour is somewhat difficult to achieve with a dark hair. However, for the blond women, it can be created quickly and get excellent results. Choose to leave some blonde strands for a more exclusive look.


  • Ash and Golden Brown

Varying hues of brown will look exciting if you mix them well. Golden brown on the bottom and ash brown on top will give you a fascinating ombre. This fresh and warm mix of colour is beautiful.

  • Various Highlights

When you decide to rock the highlights, you shouldn’t stop at 2 or 3 colours. Select the tones of brown you like most and get them mixed the way you want. You will create an exclusive look that you would like.https://www.instagram.com/lisalovesbalayage/

  • Brown Ombre

If you go for an ombre, make sure you dye the ends the same colour you dyed at the top. That way you will have a fascinating look and charm colours. This is a natural method and will ultimately give you a beautiful impression.

  • Patch Dyeing

Patch dying uses the same approach used in the partial highlighting. To begin, the horizontal golden brown is patched in the middle of the hair while letting the top and bottom remain dark brown. Beautiful look.https://www.instagram.com/salsalhair/

  • Golden, Brown, and Beautiful

Golden hair shades look elegant on almost all women. They beat blonde because the transition from the dark colours isn’t too drastic. They are also an upgrade over the typical brown because of the added shine.

  • Reddish Brown Highlights

When you opt for the highlights, don’t underestimate the reddish brown. If you are not prepared to go, full-blown redhead, consider reddish brown highlights to aid you get some inches closer to the image you want to achieve.https://www.instagram.com/hairby_baylee/

  • Straightforward Dyeing

While ombres and highlights are too common nowadays, simple single-tone dyeing shouldn’t be underestimated. Dyeing the tresses lighter colours is an excellent way to take your style to the next level.

  • Platinum Blonde with An Oomph

Rocking a platinum blonde is exciting, but the real task is maintaining the freshness of the colour. It is a complicated undertaking. This is why it is advised to put some golden brown into the look to get those alluring results.https://www.instagram.com/hairby_baylee/

  • Bangs and Everything

Golden brown hair colour looks alluring when coupled with blonde. So, if you have opted for an ombre with golden brown applied at the top and bottom blonde, always remember to put some dye on your bangs blonde too.

  • Golden Brown Natural Hair Colour

If you have a natural golden-brown colour, but you want to go blonde, don’t worry! You can schedule the appointment of your hairstylist and get the golden roots brown for a new and unique look.https://www.instagram.com/corynneylon_hair/

  • Multi-Purpose Hair Colour

You will not miss it when you refer golden hair colour as multi-purpose because it complements any type of hair and all skin colours. Regardless of the makeup, you pull off, or the shape of your face, golden brown will always rock you.

  • Richer and Softer

The primary benefit of ash brown hair colour is the fact that there are unlimited hues you can play around with. The more vibrant the shade, the more efficient and effective your hair styling will be. Don’t be held back by anything when you consider mixing and matching the colours.https://www.instagram.com/camouflageandbalayage/

  • Ash Princess

Ash brown hair shade is not universal. So, if you choose to pull it off, you are guaranteed to get a unique image. Consider letting some strands of the natural colour because a full ash brown hair might not be the ultimate results you need.

  • Amazing Ombre

Girls blessed with a brown hair have an excellent choice of trying different colours for an ombre. Begin with golden brown and gradually go light if you want. You just can’t get enough if you choose brown.

  • The Right Weave

If you don’t have long locks, opt for a weave. It is possible to get down two birds with only one stone because you will get longer tresses and an ombre as a backup.https://www.instagram.com/corynneylon_hair/

  • Ash and Fresh

Lighten up your looks by changing your old blonde into gorgeous ash brown locks. The change isn’t too strict, and it will give you an utterly new style.