Exotic Beaches For An Ideal Thai Beach Vacation


Want to make your holiday truly happening? 

Then the exotic beaches in Thailand are calling you for a splendorous escapade. Thailand is a beautiful holiday destination with amazing beaches where you can bask in the sun and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.  

In Thailand, Pattaya is one of the most famous exotic beach holidays that we know of. After a quick tour of the ancient and enigmatic city of Ayutthaya, you can travel from Ayutthaya to Pattaya to start off with your beach vacation itinerary.


Some of the most awe-inspiring beaches of Thailand that you cannot miss are –

  • Ko Chang – Welcome to one of Thailand’s large beaches. Enjoy your vacation in the exotic Thai beach resorts… these secluded beaches on the island of Ko Chang can provide you peace and tranquillity plus you can spend a lazy vacation on these beaches. Ko Chang has lovely hills and dense forests too. This island is filled with awe are you ready to explore it?
  • Koh Lanta Yai – If you love to vacation in style especially in tropical style on the beaches then get ready for Koh Lanta Yai because the vibrancy and the bright atmosphere all around will vivify your senses and you will enjoy yourself like never before. You will find some spectacular caves around this locale and nothing can be better than an adventurous hiking trip to these elusive caves
  • Koh Samui – Are you a young traveller you loves beach parties? Then Koh Samui is just perfect for you and your traveller friends… This sublime island has some amazing beaches where you can organize exclusive beach parties. Soaking up the brightness of the soothing sun and lazing around are some of the things you can do here… the resorts have amazing spa services too so if you want a good massage just go for it. 
  • Phuket – This one is frequented by travellers from all across the globe. This area is pretty crowded but if you move towards the west you’ll find some peaceful beaches too. There is a wide range of beach resorts to choose from depending on the budget. Soak in the glory of this lovely coastal town. 
  • Krabi – Enjoy lovely sunset views, get into the limestone caves, explore the depths of the jungles and bask in the sun here…. Krabi has a lot to offer, there are bays, lagoons, waterfalls, caves, tropical rainforest, etc…. the scenic beauty will make you go gaga over it for sure. The resorts are amazing with a myriad of facilities to choose from.  You can indulge in amazing water activities too such as a ride on a long-tail boat on the calm waters to enter the limestone islands where you and your family can enjoy a private luncheon.  

Although most of Thailand’s beaches are very crowded with millions of tourists visiting every year, still if you pay a little attention then you will certainly find the lovely nooks and corners where you can find peace, solace and enjoy the most breathtaking views of the seas.