Exotic vacation ideas that are actually affordable


Do you want to go on vacation, but you think it’s out of your price range? Think again, you like so many people dream of taking off to exotic destinations, kicking back or having the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are going alone or with loved ones, these affordable vacations are exotic and offer lovely scenery with a lot of things to see or do. From Europe, Asia, South America, and the rest of the world, these destinations offer some of the most affordable and rewarding vacations ever.



When tourists visit Thailand, they often go to the southern region, to beaches in places such as Krabi and Phuket. However, due to their popularity, these areas tend to be quite pricey. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Thailand. By going north to Chiang Mai, for instance, get to enjoy a more genuine feel of the place at its many attractions while enjoying cheap accommodation. The areas boast of magnificent mountain and hill scenery, which have a relaxed vibe to them. This historic city has many temples that you can visit, and you can even take multiple trips into the jungle or to other temples. Northern Thailand offers one of the best travel value packs around with comfortable, affordable rooms at cheap rates. 

The Carribean

The Caribbean is a popular destination for many vacationers looking to kick back and enjoy some time at the beach. The blue water and white sandy beaches make great backdrops for vacation photos. You really can’t go wrong no matter what country to choose. The Bahamas, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobaggo…they all have breathtaking views from their islands. If you can get an affordable, direct flight to one of the islands, you’re doing great. Many flights have to connect in Florida, though. Florida might actually be your best bet for an affordable exotic vacation near the Caribbean Islands because of its white sandy beaches, blue water, palm trees, modern conveniences, and loads of family friendly attractions like taking a sunset cruise, an airboat tour of the Everglades, visiting a theme park, and more!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Like many Caribbean countries, the Dominican Republic is home to several luxury beach resorts with some of the most competitive prices in the area. Punta Cana is renowned for its gloriously breathtaking beaches and a variety of hotels, from budget-friendly options to more upscale ones. Staying at these beachfront properties means you don’t have to spend any money getting to the beach since you can walk there. You can even go snorkeling, see the coral reefs as you swim with colorful and exotic fish. 

Riga, Latvia

This hidden gem is the most affordable place to visit while in Europe. Being named A European Capital of culture in 2014, Riga remains budget-friendly with inexpensive hostels, food, and transportation. This city boasts some of the largest and impressive Art Nouveau architecture in the European continent, with about 700 or more buildings featuring gargoyles, goddesses, and other gothic art pieces. The cobblestone lanes of Old Town also add to the allure of the city. If you ascend the spire of St Peter’s, you get to see amazing views of the city that you can’t get anywhere else.

Quito, Ecuador

For a trip to South America, then you should consider going to Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. Visiting this high-altitude city that sits 9,000 feet above sea level is a lot easier on the wallet than you would think. It offers a unique chance to walk along the earth’s equator, in a valley framed by volcanic peaks and beautiful scenery. While this is what draws many tourists to this city, it also has lovely gothic architecture adorning various buildings such as cathedrals. You can also visit their fascinating museums and enjoy the delicious local cuisine and be sure you don’t miss the guards changing at the Plaza Grande. 

Manaus, Amazonas Brazil

Manaus is the largest city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas and also serves as the capital. This city boasts several exotic attractions such as the Manaus port, which serves as a departure point for the amazon rainforest. Manaus is ideal for adventurers and for vacationers looking to spend time in the outdoors. This city is also famous for the meeting of the waters, a phenomenon that occurs when water from the Negro river converges with the brown muddy water from the Solimões River.

Money-saving vacation tips

Here are several tips to help you save and make your money last longer while you are on vacation.

  1. Go for destinations with reasonable exchange rates, especially if you are looking to travel abroad. If the local currency is weaker than your currency, then you get a lot more money to spend. However, don’t be too quick rushing to take advantage of favorable exchange rates as most times, currency devaluation is a sign of deeper problems.
  2. If you can, negotiate directly with the hotel or hosel rather than using booking sites. This is because hotels are charged high commissions for lead brokered through these sites. Use the price you get online as a starting point, then call the hotel, car rental service, or any other service that you can book online and request a price reduction. 
  3. Use a cashback website or a rewards card when you book a flight or a hotel. These options offer cashback rewards for bookings made through them or reward points that can be redeemed at select places, hence may save you a little money.
  4. Make refundable bookings if you are still unsure of your trip by looking at the cancelation policies. You must note that these bookings are a lot pricier than non-refundable ones. However, it is still better than losing your deposit if your plans suddenly changed before your trip.

With these pocket-friendly vacation destinations and money-saving tips, going on vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You don’t even have to travel abroad; you can enjoy the local scenery and have a wonderful holiday.