Expand Your Sunny Spaces with These Custom Touches


Not everyone is blessed enough to live in sunny California. Across Canada and the U.S., sunlight can be hard to come by for much of the year. During the winter, outdoor spaces are cold and unusable, while the rainy season across the west coast can put a similar damper on porches, lawns, and decks.

Many homeowners today are looking for ways to expand their living space and take more advantage of natural sunlight. Whether it’s for entertaining, relaxing in the morning with a book and a cup of coffee, or admiring a sunset with a glass of wine, bringing more sunlight into your home all year round can improve your mood, boost your immune system, and all around lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

If you’re craving more sunlight and usable space, the use of skylights, sun rooms, covered terraces, and oversized windows can spread the natural light through your home.

#1 Skylights

Skylights are a great way to get more natural light into your home. They’re a great way to bring natural light into a sun room or Florida Room.

When you’re picking skylights, make sure you’re checking them for:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water tightness
  • Load resistance (especially if it snows heavily where you live)
  • UV coatings

#2 Sun Rooms

Sun rooms are a custom option offered by Niagara custom home builder Blythwood Homes. While Niagara, a part of Southern Ontario known for its vineyards, is comparatively warm, the winters are still snowy and cold.

But with an all seasons sun room, waking up to fresh snow can be a truly beautiful experience. A four seasons sun room is connected to your central air, so its comfortable all year round. They give you a beautiful view of the outdoors with big windows all around, uncluttered by screens. Backing onto your garden and outdoor space, you’re surrounded by lush greenery in the summer, and it can provide a seamless connection between the house and the patio for entertaining.

A four-season sun room adds beautiful and functional space to your home.

#3 Covered Terrace

There is such a thing as too much sun. On those sweltering summer days, a bit of shade is exactly what you need to appreciate your outdoor space. A covered terrace gives you a place to cool down after gardening, enjoy a cocktail with your friends, or cozy up with a book when the rain finally breaks the summer heat. A covered terrace also gives you the chance to acquire new lines of super comfy outdoor furniture protected from the rain.

#4 Lighter Flooring

Besides adding more space that’s exposed to natural sunlight, light-friendly flooring can help reflect natural light deeper into rooms that might otherwise be cast in shadows. Good floorings to choose include ceramic, stone, and wood floors with a polished finish, preferably in a light, neutral color.

Adding more sunlight to your home, and making more functional space that takes full advantage of the sunlight and access to outdoor space. Open up your home to the out of doors and bask in the sun no matter what season it is.