Experience the Magic of Disney in Paris


For most kids, the idea of a dream vacation will always include a visit to Disneyland. It’s not incredibly difficult to understand why. Disneyland is a place where kids can see their favourite cartoon characters strolling around and posing for pictures with tourists, enjoy thrilling rides, and participate in fantasy experiences that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Starting with Walt Disney’s visionary construction of the first Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim, California, the demand soon grew far larger than one theme park could possibly accommodate.   Since then, the original park has undergone numerous changes, and many new Disneyland resorts have been constructed across the world.  So, why should Disneyland Paris be your first choice?

Paris is one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe.  There are numerous examples of classical architecture, incredible modern buildings such as the Centre Pompido, and even buildings combining both styles, such as the Louvre.  There are countless charming cafés and bistros, classic boutiques, and quaint shopping arcades. You will also find museums, art galleries, ancient churches, and there are plenty of things to do even on a short visit. Leave your luggage with Luggage Hero in Paris and explore the wonders of the city of love. 

Disneyland promises a magical adventure, and in no way does Disneyland Paris disappoint.  Of course, in order to ensure there is positively no chance of disappointment, it is always best to buy your Disneyland Paris tickets in advance.  Based on a similar layout to it’s Californian sister, this 480 acre theme park is divided into 5 differently themed areas, each with their own unique attractions.

Adventureland is one of the most popular and fun destinations within the park for visitors of all ages.  It includes replicas of exotic Disney movie locations.  These include Pirates of The Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Adventure Isle, The Swiss Family Tree House, and Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage.  There are also currently 8 restaurants to choose from.

Fantasyland is aimed more at younger visitors, and they are the most likely to be enchanted by the fairytale image of the attractions, which include Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Peter Pan’s Flight, and many similar things.  This is also where you are most likely to meet more of your favourite Disney characters in one place.  The dining options here are almost more pointedly aimed at attracting children.

Discoveryland is a futuristic place which is likely to appeal to teenagers, and features some of the more adventurous rides.  It is similar to the Tomorrowland you will find at other Disney resorts, but you will find that there is a distinctly European feel to this one.   There are fewer dining options in this area than others, and they’re mainly targeting the teenage market.

Frontierland celebrates Disney’s early Western-themed movies, and includes many of the scenes that are so familiar from these and later movies.  While adults are sure to enjoy the attractions here, kids will have more fun if they’re already fans of the Western genre.  This area actually features some of the best American-style dining options in the park, although as you might imagine there is a heavy emphasis on steak and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Finally, Main Street USA is a fantasy version of the typical image of classic Americana.  This area is more about what you can see and buy, but the horse-drawn streetcars may be an interesting way to get around when your feet are feeling tired from walking around the park.  There are plenty of affordable dining options in this area to suit every taste and budget.

Visiting Disneyland is fun for the whole family, but in some ways Disneyland Paris offers that little something extra, turning a day at a theme park into a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.