Experience Melbourne’s Spring Racing Action


Imagine that you are in a crowd of people who all appear to be on the edge of their seat. They have a ticket in their hand and their gaze is only upon the thoroughbreds that are charging at full pace down one of Melbourne’s famous race tracks. You look to your left and you see an elegant lady dressed with her decorative hat chanting “C’mon” and her partner to the side in his suit yelling “Go you good thing!” They are just a few of the many thousands that will be enjoying the action that the Melbourne Spring racing carnival has to offer. Being able to place a bet is one thing, but the experience that is available is on a completely different level. The chapter is yours to be written. Below are a few ways you can enjoy this year’s Melbourne cup to have a fun, thrilling and eclectic day.

Get yourself into the heart of the action at the Flemington Racecourse.

You have the option to go down to the pub, the bar or around mates’ places, but there is no greater place to enjoy the Melbourne Cup than at the racecourse itself. Reserve a place trackside and listen to the pulse of the racing industry as bookies swap their picks and you feel the tension among the jockeys and horses as you pass by their stables. Turn another corner at the track and you will be welcomed by an array of musical entertainment under the Australian sunshine. At this point, you can go and grab your drink of choice and start making your picks for a horse that will give you a winning purse.

I can’t afford to go to Flemington, what other options are there?

Well, the next best thing is to be in the city of Melbourne itself. You can look to secure combined deals if you decide to stay at hotels that have special offers available or the Casino. You should be exposed to several hundred people buzzing with excitement for the racing event and the entertainment that the venue will be offering.

If getting to Melbourne is still unachievable, then you can go down to your local RSL club or community centre. It won’t be as lively as being in the city, but if you can get access to big TV screens showing the races and a few people dressing to impress, all you’ll need to do is knock a few drinks back and hold a few winning tickets in your hand to mimic a similar trackside experience.

Be well informed for the races you intend to punt on.

Add positivity to your experience by getting in a few wins. Nothing puts a dampener on your day more than having a few losses under your belt. It’s all part of the fun, but bet responsibly and minimise your risk by researching the races you intend to bet on, understand the probabilities and odds with the horses, bet within your budget and take home a few winnings from the day. You will have far more to celebrate.

A great way to research your bets is by checking out online tipster websites. The best one of these we’ve found is The Winners Enclosure as they offer free horse racing tips daily on every meeting and individual race. They also have strong NAP of the day tips so that you can always back the horse they fancy the most each day.

A few ways you can keep yourself informed include:

  • Downloading betting information applications to your smart devices.
  • Keep up to date with notifications via emails and website subscriptions.
  • Monitor the performance of a few select horses that you know will be running in the Melbourne cup.
  • Following the strategic methods used by Australia’s top punters.

Dress to impress!

There aren’t many events that occur in Australia where guys can dress up in a suit and tie and still hold a beer in their hand. Likewise for the ladies who can dress in attire that will stop traffic and rival the fashion statements that the top celebrities will be showing off. It’s once a year, so treat yourself and go all out. Ladies make the jaws drop. For guys, give yourself the 007 look and a license to thrill.

There is a lot to experience on Melbourne Cup day. Take a step outside of your comfort box and dare to try something new and invigorating. This is a huge Aussie pastime. Enjoy the racing, enjoy the social atmosphere, and enjoy your winnings! It is time for you to create an exciting chapter in your life with the Melbourne Spring racing carnival!