Eye-Catching DIY Garden Markers That Will Make People Say WOW


Hey there Top Dreamers! It’s the time of the year when we should be all engaged into decorating our gardens in the best possible ways, so we can enjoy them to the fullest for the spring and summer. That means adding numerous decorations. Yes, we should all decorate our gardens as we decorate our homes because they should be turned into comfy and enjoyable spots for relaxations. If you love plants, herbs and flowers, you will definitely fall in love with the ideas that I have collected for you. Labeling all of them can look pretty great and you can do that in so many different ways. Scroll down through the photos and take a look at the Eye-Catching DIY Garden Markers That Will Make People Say WOW. The possibilities are endless, so choose the ones that will catch your eye the best. They are super easy to make, and they are certainly worth a try!

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If you have planted the herbs in a pot, I have an easy project for you. Get some chalkboard paint and color just a small part of the pot, so there would be just enough space to write the name of the herb.

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Get several twigs, cut them with a knife on the side in order to get a surface where you can write the names on, and you will get your garden markers in no time. Plus, they will match with the surroundings in an amazing way.

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I really love the idea of the clothespin garden markers. Color them in the color you want, write the names of the herbs on them and just attach them to the pot or the plants!

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The stones can be astonishing decorative pieces and we have seen many homes that use them as decoration as well. You can use them to decorate the herb pots in the yard as well, but turn them into functional pieces by writing the name of the plant which they decorate.

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Bricks are big and will catch the attention instantly of anyone who walks into the yard.

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Repurpose the bottles in the yard and use them as garden markers. They have the power to make your garden really unique and original. Are you ready to make this DIY project as soon as possible?

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What about using the corks to mark all of your herbs and plants? If you have them in abundance in your home, it’s time to put them to a good use. Get a marker and write the names of all of the plants that you want to label. Attach them on a wooden stick and just insert them into the pot.

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Which garden marker do you like the best? Keep me posted in the comments below and add the photos of your DIY projects so we can see how did they go!