Factors To Consider When Choosing Your House Sign


The main purpose of a house sign is to indicate the house number in a street. And although its primary function is mainly practical, there are yet some factors to consider when choosing the right one for your house. We have listed them below, so hopefully you will find them useful.

  • Design – When choosing the right design for your house sign, you should of course choose the one that will reflect the style of your house. For instance, you cannot put a rustic timber house sign on a modern house exterior, just like it will look weird if there is a cast brass sign on a country cottage. So, your choice will of course depend on your taste, but you should also have in mind the type of house as well as its surroundings.
  • Durability – Depending on the type of materials made of, house signs can require different maintenance and some can last longer than others. Wooden ones are very durable and won’t require much care since are full of their own oil. Another type of house signs that are durable and require low maintenance are cast signs, slate and granite. On the other hand brass house signs are also very durable but will require high maintenance, such as regular polishing.
  • Size – When choosing the design of your house sign, you should also make sure to choose the right size. This should depend on the spot it is to be placed as well as how far away it needs to be seen. 20mm letters can be seen at a distance of 10m, so the most common choice for most house signs is one line of text on a 100mm 4” high sign. The only exceptions should be made if the sign needs to be seen from a car driving past and in this case it needs to be larger.  

To sum up, house signs can vary in terms of form, size and materials used and the above factors are definitely the ones you should have in mind in order to choose the right one for your home. There are many designs to choose from, so we believe that you will find the one that will fit perfectly on your house exterior.