Fantastic Ways To Reuse The Old Belts Lying Around Your House


Most often, when you no longer use some items, you either leave them lying around the house or throw them away. And this is something that you should not really do, because you can repurpose them in versatile ways and thus create something new. Some such items can be some old belts, and today, we have chosen several fantastic ways of how to reuse them.

The old belts can be repurposed in so many versatile ways. You can use them as part of some decorations, or to create something new. The following ideas include projects from both of these ways. Check them out and choose how you will repurpose those old belts that keep lying around your house. Enjoy!

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DIY Belted Chair

If you have some old belts you can use them to change the look of some old wooden chair. Combine belts in different colors and thus make a colorful woven seat.

DIY belted chair
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DIY Leather Yoga Mat Strap

If you are a yoga lover, then you should definitely try tho make this DIY project. Get some old belt and make a strap, so that you can carry around your yoga mat.

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DIY Leather Blanket Carrier

Or you can do the same for a blanket and thus be able to carry the blanket when going on a picnic.

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DIY Belt Napkin Rings

And in case you want to make some unique napkin rings, get that old belt, cut it into small pieces, punch holes in each one and overlap the edges.

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Upcycled Belt Wreath

Old belts can be also used to make some cool wreath that you can use as wall decor.

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Leather Belt Crate

The plain crate can be also upcycled with some leather belt pieces.

Leather belt crate
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DIY Book Purse With Leather Belt Hanger

This unique purse is made of three books glued together and a handle made from an old leather belt.

book purse
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Leather Belts As Curtain Tiebacks

The old belt can be also used as a curtain tieback, so that you can get some extra light in the room.

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Leather Belt Doormat

If you are missing some doormat, get those belts and glue them together to make one.

leather belt door mat
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Leather Belts And Magazine Stool

Here is an idea of a pretty unique stool made of several magazines, a pillow and two leather belts.

magaizne stool
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Leather Belt Fire Log Holder

Another way to repurpose the leather belt is to gather the wood for the fireplace, pull them tight into a bunch and secure them with the belt.

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DIY Leather Belt Clock

Here is one more idea of how to change the look of a plain wall clock by wrapping some leather belt around it.

DIY leather belt clock
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Leather Belt Drawer Pulls

If you have some broken drawer pulls in your home replace them with some made of leather belts.

leather belt drawer pulls
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Cool Magazine Rack Out Of Old Belts

If you don’t have a place for storing all those magazines, take an old belt and make a rack.

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Leather Belt Table Top

You can also use several leather belts to cover the top of a table and thus give it a new look.

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Leather Wrapped Vase

This is a cool idea of how to make some pretty unique flower vase, out of a single leather belt.

leather wrapped vase
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Leather Book Shelf

You can create a unique book shelf out of several leather belts. Find something to hang them from and adjust them at different heights.

leather book shelf
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So, now that you are familiar with the many possible ways to reuse those old belts, which one you will choose to copy? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other creative ideas of how to reuse the old items to create something new.