Fashion Basics: How To Style A T-Shirt Right


A t-shirt is the most basic item of clothing there is, which is why they’re rarely associated with high fashion. But does that always have to be the case? In fact, by choosing carefully and adding the right accessories, t-shirts can make a statement. Next time you get dressed, then, give these style swaps a try for a serious style upgrade.


Know Your Necklines

Part of taking a simple t-shirt and turning it into a fashion statement is choosing the right neckline and in most cases, cut of choice is a matter of body shape and occasion. Still, that might not always be the case. According to retailers, scoop neck tees aren’t selling. Instead, fashion mavens are opting for the traditional rounded neck seen on ringer tees, as well as the timeless v-neck. As for scoop neck fans, take that look to the neck level with a classic boatneck shirt or off the shoulder look.

Wear Your Loyalties

Solid tees are great for under a sweater or blazer, but the fact is that they need accessories to really shine. If you want your t-shirt to stand alone, though, it’s time to think patterns and logos. Use your style to show your loyalties with these Canada t-shirts, while keeping the look sleek by pairing them with a solid black or red skinny jean. Or, play up the patterns and pair your favorite band shirt with ripped leggings and leather.

Start From The Bottom

Sometimes a t-shirt is the simple final touch that completes an outfit, rather than the starting point. That’s why, when you’re stuck for inspiration, start planning your outfit from the bottom up. Pick out some shoes and bottoms to set the tone – defining your overall style is a must – and then complete it with a tee. Whether you’re dressing up a skirt for date night or hitting the mall, a t-shirt will bring all the disparate pieces together.

Opt For A Throwback

Remember 1990s Delia’s catalogs? One of the hip styles back then was to don a plain tee underneath a summer dress and the look may be coming back. The most recent Fall Fashion Week featured several throwbacks to this look, but we’ll see whether it takes hold off of the runway when Spring arrives and the weather warms.

Embrace The Irony

Another throwback from the 1990s: ironic graphic tees. And while some may think these are better left in the past, or at least to teens, it’s certainly possible to transform a goofy graphic tee into a grownup look. All-over prints have caught on among men, particularly paired with joggers or a pair of pair of dark khakis, while it’s hard to say no to a classic art print, like Andy Warhol’s soup cans or the Keith Haring prints that are everywhere. With so much history and culture behind these prints, it’s okay if they look a little silly. Think of them as conversation starters.

Many people have sentimental relationships to their t-shirts, but even if you’re investing in newer and nicer shirts, they should still reflect your style and demonstrate where you’ve been. Make your t-shirts your own and make them an integral part of your outfits, not just an afterthought. Just because we’ve treated these garments as less than stylish doesn’t mean they have to be.