Fashion Forethought – The Perks Of Planning Out Your Style


Judging by the painstakingly laid-out lives of Instagram’s fashion set, you would assume that style is something which is carefully cultivated, or taught in an exclusive school. Taking the time to truly consider your clothing and to fully curate your wardrobe is much easier than you might think. With some dedicated time and forward planning, you too can create yourself a wardrobe which screams ‘style’ on every occasion.

Oh, The Possibilities

One of the most immediate benefits of planning your style is that it allows you to calculate some creative risks into your outfits. By seeing that your overall pattern of clothing choices favours a certain colour palette (eg; monochrome) or a certain silhouette (boxy, loose, fitted) you can more clearly imagine how a specific piece might interact with your wardrobe, saving you from making expensive and embarrassing fashion faux pas.

Being able to sample exciting new fashions such as bright animal inspired prints and perspex heels will mean that you can stay on the cutting edge of style, without needing to ‘wait and see’. Oh, the possibilities!

A Spring Clean – At Any Time Of Year

Here’s some advice which may be a little hard for you to hear: letting go of pieces is as good for your style transformation as collecting new pieces. It’s also an act which won’t cost you any money (if you’re someone with good quality clothing, you may even be able to make some money by selling off any vintage pieces you no longer require).

A spring clean can help you to cull from your wardrobe pieces which you no longer wear. This may be for any number of reasons, from items no longer fitting, to items falling apart. Accepting that our style can change and grow is part of cultivating a more polished and fashion forward appearance, and a change of attitude to accept this by culling old or unused pieces may be just the transformative act you need in order to propel yourself to a newer, more stylish future.

Stay On Cycle

Wash cycle, that is! A further benefit to planning out your style is that you can time your washing around important events, so that you’re never left without the outfit you need. There’s nothing worse than being left without an old, faithful piece when you’ve got a hot date or important event upcoming. Think ahead – set aside a few hours a week to wash, dry and care for any items which are in high rotation. This type of upkeep will not only ensure that it’s there when you need it, it will also mean that you will continue to have well-cared for items in the future.

Having a timed washing cycle also allows you to keep your style in rotation, so that you’re not able to lose or forget about expensive or important items. By creating a regular interval you can keep yourself accountable to any clothing purchases and ensure that you get the best value out of any expensive investments.

Mind The Gap

It’s easier to visualise where any gaps in your wardrobe may lie if you put in the effort to plan your wardrobe in advance. If you’re looking to attend a series of job interviews or otherwise supercharge your career, planning your wardrobe in advance will benefit you by allowing you to see any gaps that exist in your current clothing, so that you can purchase any items you may need well in advance.

Planning your wardrobe will also allow you to mend any items which may require some tlc, while also giving you the foresight to iron, steam, or air any clothes which need an extra hard to look their best. Planning your wardrobe allows you to look polished without putting in too much extra effort – or money.

Planning out your style comes with many perks – some which may increase your quality of life, and some which may even help increase the contents of your wallet. By taking the time to plan and choose how your interact with your wardrobe, you can more actively control your day to day style and help build an image of a more polished ‘you’.