Fashion Ideas To Add Depth, Texture, And Character To Your Fall Wardrobe


We’re well into the Fall season, which means it’s time to transition your style. The vibrant, free-flowing, and “barely-there” fashions of summer will no longer accommodate the often unpredictable Fall weather. However, just as the seasons change, your body and sense of style evolve, rendering your existing wardrobe dull and basic. 

While you may not be able to afford a complete overhaul, there are some creative ways to add depth, texture, character, and variety to your Fall wardrobe. Continue reading for advice. 

Leather Biker Jackets

You’ll need something to keep you warm during those brisk mornings and cold nights. A leather jacket is a perfect outerwear to accommodate the season and add flare to your Fall wardrobe. A biker jacket can add some edge to your casual outfits. It’s made from the most durable materials, stops around the waistline, and usually adorns eye-catching add-ons like zippers, studs, and chains. While black is the most common color, there are various options to match your personality, style, and wardrobe. 

Trench Coats

The leather biker jacket is great but won’t always compliment your Fall attire. Sometimes, sticking with the classics is the best way to revamp your style. A waist, knee, or ankle-length trench coat is an excellent addition to your closet. However, choose a color or pattern that makes a statement instead of going with black or tan. A military green or warm red would make a nice touch. 

Chunky Sweaters

If your closet is filled with cardigans and fitted pullovers, it’s time to switch things up. You can add depth, texture, and character to your Fall wardrobe by purchasing chunky sweaters. These cozy, oversized sweaters are perfect for chilly days and are the hottest fashion trend for 2022. Fisherman, cable knit, crochet, crop, and even cut-out knit sweaters will boost your style. 

Textured Pants

Break up the monotony in your closet by adding some textured pants to the mix. As fashion eras have a way of coming back around, you can find trendy leather, corduroy, and faux suede leggings to liven up your wardrobe. Go beyond the texture and choose vibrant colors that reflect the seasons, like brown, tan, burnt orange, burgundy, evergreen, and mustard yellow. You can also opt for high-waist, A-line, or bell-bottom pants to stand out. 

Animal Prints And Faux Furs

If you want to make a statement this Fall, you can’t go wrong by incorporating animal prints and faux furs into the equation. For example, a pair of leopard print pumps with black pants or a skirt suit can take a woman’s work fashion from drab to fab. If you’re going out for drinks after work, a faux fur vest, jacket, or coat adds the final touch of class. Guys might do something similar with a pair of navy blue slacks, a white button-up, and a pair of leopard loafers to spice up their office look. 

New Accessories

Now that you’ve brought these new fashion items for your Fall wardrobe, you’ll need to put a personal spin on them with some accessories. Sunglasses, hats, and statement jewelry are trendy options for the Fall. Play around with pieces and mix and match them with your outfits to get new and creative looks. 

Beyond The Clothes

When trying to update your Fall fashion, think beyond the wardrobe and accessories. There’s nothing like a new fragrance, makeup palette, or hairstyle to bring everything together and boost your confidence. As you know, when you feel good, it will always translate into how you look. 

Not everyone has the means to purchase the latest fashions whenever they’d like. Most have other obligations that cause them to put things like clothes and accessories at the bottom of the list. However, as the seasons change, it’s nice to switch things up and wear things that match your style. If your Fall wardrobe is outdated or dull, add some of the above items to your closet to give your looks more depth, texture, character, and style.