Fashion Tips for Apple-Shaped Bodies


Everyone’s body shape is unique, but often we can fit into a general category based on where we gain weight and our overall proportions. An apple-shaped body is one in which you have broader shoulders and you tend to carry more weight in your midsection than other parts of your body. 

Your waistline might not be as defined, and your hips may not have a lot of curves. 

Some of your favorite features, if you have an apple-shaped body might be your arms, legs, and bustline so you would want to play these up. 

From high-quality tankini top bathing suits to an A-line silhouette, the following are some fashion tips for apple-shaped women. 


General Tips

First, there are general tips to think about with an apple-shaped body.

You’ll want to create balance and this is true for any body type, although how you go about doing that can vary. You want to make sure your shoulders, bustline, hips, and waist all look well-proportioned when you’re choosing outfits. 

You also want to bring the eye naturally to areas that you want to emphasize and draw it away from areas that you don’t like as much. 

Eyes are drawn to patterns and bright colors, so keep that in mind. 


When it comes to tops, there are certain things you might want to wear versus things that could emphasize what you don’t necessarily love about your body type. 

For an apple shape, look for tops with the A-line silhouette because they’ll help balance out your broader shoulders. Tunic tops and boyfriend button-ups are also a good option, and V-necklines tend to work well for an apple shape also.

Choose heavier fabrics that have more shape and structure, and you might want to avoid thinner fabrics like jersey because they can be clingy. 

If you have great arms, show them off. 

When you’re choosing jackets, you’ll likely look great in options that hit at your hip or upper thigh, such as a straight trench-style coat. 

Dolman sleeves are pretty on an apple shape because they give your arms some volume, and wrap tops, as well as wrap dresses, can define your waistline.


A flare-leg bottom is really good for an apple-shaped because it gives balanced volume to your legs, to match your upper body. A high-rise cut on pants or jeans can give you a waistline and if you don’t love tight-fitting bottoms, think about straight-leg pants which naturally float away from the leg a bit and again, can add volume to your lower half. 

A nice wide leg pant can be beautiful for work or fun thanks to its ability to create balance for your body type. 

If you choose skinny-fit pants or leggings it can throw off your sense of visual balance, as can wearing skinny-cut pants with a flowing or oversized top. You’re taking definition away from your top along with the proportion issues. 


Wrap dresses work so nicely with an apple shape because they create definition in the waist. An off-the-shoulder dress is pretty because it brings attention to the skin you’re showing and detracts from other areas you might not want to showcase. 

A dress with a high empire waist will define your shape too. 

Dresses are a good way to showcase both your arms and legs, which, when you’re apple-shaped may be your favorite body features. 


As was touched on above, a tankini top can e good for an apple shape, especially if it has ruching or details at the waist for definition. 

When you’re choosing swimwear, whether a one- or two-piece, make sure the top has plenty of support so that it lifts you and elongates you. 

High-waisted briefs may be a good swimwear option, and clean lines can be pretty on an apple shape too, rather than going overboard with the detailing. 

If you choose a one-piece, there are options that have panels to help create the illusion of more waist definition. 

Overall, when you have an apple-shaped body, you want to create a good well-proportioned silhouette. 

If you’re not comfortable with it, either take the attention away from your midsection or try and redefine it and reshape it with your clothes. Choose high-quality materials with texture and substantiality so they aren’t clingy and also invest in a well-fitting bra. 

When you’re buying basics like t-shirts, try and find ruched middles and highlight your body at its slimmest point, which may be directly below your bustline.