There is perhaps no one in the entire world who does not love a clean house; there is something about sparkling clean kitchens and bathrooms and the smell of a freshly mopped space that makes us feel so good!  However, the sad truth is that as much as we want to, the majority of us do not have the time to be the best housekeepers. Whether we have a tough working schedule or kids who love messing up the entire space, there can be many obstacles in maintaining our homes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of shortcuts to make your house looking clean and spotless in a short amount of time. And if they can allow you to minimize the time you spend on your cleaning efforts, they are surely worth a try. 

The following are some of our top cleaning tips to have your house look as good as new without wasting any unnecessary time: 


The exterior is what shapes any outsider’s first impression of your home before they have even set foot inside your property. No matter how clean your house is from the inside, if it looks poorly-maintained and dirty from the outside, you will fail to make a good impression on your guests. 

The exterior of our home builds up significant dirt, grime, and stains over time. From your roof, walls, and windows to your driveways and decks, all aspects of your exterior need to be professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Many professional cleaners offer a range of both soft-pressure and high-pressure washing services for all kinds of exteriors. Not only do they remove all kinds of dirt and grime, but they also get rid of any bacteria or fungus that can cause various health problems. Engaging the services of professionals such as Ethan’s pressure washing is an excellent way to maintain the exterior of your property.


Cleaning always seems like a physically exhausting task when it is the responsibility of a single person in the house. The best way to get it done quickly and easily is to get everyone involved. Schedule a time for cleaning each day and divide tasks between your family members. You can also switch responsibilities between individuals so that no one gets bored. 


Keeping all your cleaning supplies organized in a single place makes it so much quicker to get the cleaning done. You will not be wasting time looking for each item while you clean and trying to remember where you put it last. It also helps if your cleaning supplies are kept close to where they are used. For instance, you can keep your bathroom cleaning supplies under the sink and kitchen supplies in the kitchen cabinet instead of the laundry room. 


Ever started cleaning and found yourself getting carried away completely? For instance, you may have gone in to do a quick bathroom clean-up but ended up organizing every single bathroom cabinet; at the end of it, you get a clean bathroom but with no time left to clean the rest of the house. 

If this sounds like you, it is a good idea to have time limits for cleaning each area in the house and follow it strictly. Your cleaning efforts will become a lot more focused when you know you only have a set amount of time to clean each space. And when you finish on time, you will feel so much more accomplished, trust us! 


Before you pick up your vacuum cleaner, start by de-cluttering the entire house. Go to each room and put everything in its place. Put toys in the toy basket, dirty clothes in the laundry, dishes in the kitchen sink, magazines and books where they belong, and so on. If you are in a hurry and need to clean up quickly before guests arrive, gather everything in a bin or basket that you can put away for now and sort out later. Make sure also to make the beds before you start anything else. 


When it comes to dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, it is so much more efficient to pick one of these tasks and do it for the entire house before moving on to the next task. For instance, start by dusting the entire house, then move on to vacuuming, and finally, mopping. This way, the cleaning process can be a lot quicker, and you also do not feel like you are constantly starting a new cleaning cycle in each area of the house. 


Want squeaky clean tubs and sinks without putting in the unnecessary effort? Spray some cleaner on each of these surfaces and let it sit and work its magic; you can do something else while the cleaner dissolves the stains and dirt. There is no need to sit and wait or scrub extra hard when the cleaner is capable of working on its own. Just remember to come back and give a gentle cleaning after some time for as good as new bathroom and kitchen surfaces! 


It is much easier to clean as soon as something gets messy or dirty, rather than leaving it for the next day when it has hardened and turned into grime. For instance, you can sweep your kitchen floor as soon as you are done cooking for the day to get rid of any dirt and crumbs that could spread throughout the house or turn into sticky grime, which will be difficult to mop. It also helps to do a quick clean-up of your shower after every bath instead of having to scrub your tiles thoroughly every month. 


Our final advice would be to invest in the right cleaning tools and supplies as they can make the cleaning process so much more convenient. It does not mean spending lots of money on high-end cleaning gadgets; you just have to look around for recommendations on simple cleaning products that can allow you to get the job done efficiently. Follow the above tips, and cleaning your house is sure to become a fun (or at least a less loathsome) experience!