Father’s Day 2021 – Unique Gifts You Could Give Your Old Man


While your dad might not really want anything for Father’s Day, showing up with nothing to give isn’t really possible.

After all, he’s the one you’ve looked up to for all these years (quite literally!) and it’s only better to give him a gift that showers him with all your love; not to mention shows how much he means to you and the family!

However, finding the right gift for your old man can be slightly tricky – although a lovely Father’s Day card along with a bottle of champagne can be more than enough, you’d want to give him a gift that’s not only unique but also something he’ll actually use.

This is exactly why here we’ve put together a list of unique Father’s Day gifts for your old man.

Whether he’s your father, grandpa, stepdad or father-in-law, we have a gift for everyone. Yes, that’s right, almost all these picks are perfect for any men in your life, including your husband who’s the best dad to your kids and your brother who’s become a new father.

Let’s take a look at all the unique gifts you could give your dad for Father’s Day 2021.

1. A Portable Campfire

Is your old man an avid outdoorsman who loves going camping with his mates?

If that’s the case, then you can never go wrong with a portable campfire. Not only is it an easy way to light a fire amidst the wilderness (as opposed to those caveman options of using stones and sticks!), but also the most durable gift.

Yes, boasting an incredible shelf life of roughly 30 years, you’re sure to receive a bang (more like fire) for your buck down the road!

2. Pair of Cooling Pint Glasses

If your dad is a bit of a beer connoisseur, then you should absolutely give him these pint glasses.

Just about 2 hours before cracking open a cold bottle, he needs to pop these cooling pint glasses in the freezer and then he can keep on sipping his ice cold beer without worrying about it heating up quickly.

Along with these glasses, if you want, you could also give him printed beer mats to add personal touch to the gift!

3. Personalised SuperHero Comic Book

There’s no denying the fact that our dads will always be our first superhero, so why not make him feel like one this Father’s Day by giving a personalised comic book?

If you have a little one at home, then perhaps he could read it out to them for a quality bonding time with their name in the story – Mega Dad saves the day!

4. A Hometeam Snackbox

A hometeam snackbox is the perfect Father’s Day gift, especially if your dad is a hardcore sports fan!

He can happily munch on these snacks while watching a baseball/football match or ESPN reruns. Although the ball shaped sausage takes the centre stage, the rest of the snack items like dips, crackers, cheese and other salty favorites are equally delicious.

5. An Adrenaline Filled Paintballing Experience

Is your dad something of an adrenaline junkie and loves being all competitive?

If yes, then the gift of paintballing experience is something that he’ll surely love. This day out will enable him to enjoy a day full of competitive paintballing, which includes around 10 rounds.

Apart from testing your stealth and shooting skills, this game also promises a truckload of excitement and good memories you’ll forever cherish.

6. The Dad Hoodie

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your brother or husband who’s just become a father.

It features a lot of secret pockets that are specifically designed to hold toys, diapers, milk bottles, wipes, snacks and more. The hoodie also comes in different colours, which means you can choose from the one that you think best suits the man in your life!

7. A Beard Grooming Kit

For every man in your life, a beard grooming kit is by far the best gift he could receive.

Since they love talking about their beard and most importantly, stroking it, they’d want to look after it carefully and keep it in top shape. This nifty kit comes with scissors, swish looking comb, moustache wax and beard oil, which enables them to ensure their beard game is strong.

Moreover, when it comes to grooming, this could be the best Father’s Day gift ever!

In Conclusion

Well, these were our top 7 unique Father’s Day gifts.

Choose any of these based on your budget and what you feel your father would like the most, and make this year’s Father Day a special and memorable one for your old man!