Ferdinand chooses one of the “two evils” to win the Premier League


Rio Ferdinand is Manchester United former player. The former defender, after retiring from the football scene turned into an excellent analyst and sports critic with an accent on the football. As he used to play in the English first devision, the Premier League, what he likes to talk about most are the English clubs and players. He spent quality time talking about the happenings on the football scene on the island. Now when the end of the season is just around the corner, he was asked to finally make a decission and name one club he thinks deserves to win the Premier League more than any other. It seems like this question for him was like he was asked to choose the better of the two evils he doesn’t like. As he says, he was asked to choose one of the only two teams that are in competition for the trophy at the end of the season.


The end of the same is only 8 matches away. There are no doubts left that either Liverpool or Manchester City are one of the two teams fighting for the top. Ferdinand, as a former Man United player, had such a difficult job to praise the two teams he does not like that much. However, he has to be objective and speak only the truth, otherwise he would only be a fan, not an analyst.

Ferdinand did a great job all the previous months. Now using the international matches pause it seems like he had to make a final decissin and guess the winner of the trophy of one of the most quality football leagues in the world, the English Premier League.


“This is the worst case! The worst plot of the scene, especially for Man United fans all over the world and for me, of course, as a retired Man United player. As an expert analyst, I have to come up with my conclussions and my points of view and stich to them. Therefore, if I really have to choose one of the twoevils, I would go with Manchester City. I go with them and I will be less sad if I see them winning the trophy for this season. I say this because I was the one playing on the pitch and fighting against both these teams. I have lived all this emotions both as a player but as a fan as well, therefore I know very well what that means and how it feels. I must be honest, I don’t know that many Man City fans that I would be proud of, while Liverpool is another story. Totally different. There were fans I didn’t even know they support Liverpool after as much as twenty years without winning any trophy. They were so quiet and suddenly they are so loud just before his team is about to win whatever. For me personally it will be more hurtful seeing Liverpool winning it, however I believe that the better team and the one that doesn’t get exhausted untill the very end is the one that deserves the trophy and eventually will do it.” – says Rio, explaining his point of view.