Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree


Artificial trees are a wonderful alternative to a cut tree. They are less messy, easy to assemble, and many now look very realistic. They can easily become the centerpiece of one’s holiday decorating. The trick is to find the one tree that best suits the space and wants of the homeowner.


The first decision to be made when purchasing an artificial tree is what kind of lighting to go with. Many people like an unlit tree so they have the option of changing the color and style of lighting each year. On the other hand, pre-lit trees are much simpler and faster to set up. One needs to consider how much time they will have to spend on decorating. Look for burn-out protection or the words “continuous on lighting” when shopping for a pre-lit tree to avoid future lighting problems.


Branches will be either hinged or hooked. Hinged branches are permanently attached to the center pole, and they flop down once the tree is put in place. These are the type of branch found on all pre-lit versions. Hinged branches need to be fluffed and placed in designated holes found on the center pole. Set up will take a little extra time.

Branches will be made of either a PE or PVC plastic. PE branches are fabricated to look the most realistic. The branch and needles are all one piece. PVC branches have separate plastic “needles” attached to the branch itself. One can also find decorative tinsel trees in silver, white, and gold.


Both the quality and accents determine the price of an artificial tree. The average lifespan of a tree is roughly 10 years. Some come with limited warranties. In order to make sure one is investing in a well-made tree that will last for many years to come they can do a little online research before making a purchase. There are many companies making artificial trees. A simple online search will bring up customer reviews of Balsam Hill Trees, Frontgate Trees, Bethlehem Lights Trees, and many more popular brands. This is the best way to discover which tree is the best investment.

By purchasing an artificial tree, one will have a beautiful holiday centerpiece for their home. Knowing what they want and doing a little research before purchasing will ensure they are getting the perfect tree for their home.