Find your way by reading the signs on your path


Most people think they came in this physical reality of the world in order to survive on their own. This is partly true, however, there exists some force that guides us all the time. It’s our job to only study it and educate ourselves about it. That’s how we expand, that’s how we learn how to follow the path.

What’s interesting is that everything that surrounds us, just like all the experiences we have through the life happens and is there with a reason. There is a purpose, there is a hidden message. Even the bad and unwilling experiences have their good and positive aspect, only if you learn how to find it. As soon as you detect its meaning or its lesson, you will eventually stop considering them as obstacles or problems.


The secret lies in their hidden significance. More often than not, the things and situations you call “problems” are nothing but a blessing in disguise. The following are only one of the most common yet easy to spot signs the Universe is putting on your way. Therefore the next time you see them or experience them, look deeper into their meaning.

Unexpected delays

What if the Universe is telling you to slow down a bit. How about taking a moment to think about everything you have been doing lately. Maybe you are stepping out of your way. Maybe the unseen force is trying to tell you to be more patient, stop for a second and go with the flow. In that case try to be more present. Look the things, the situations and everything that surrounds you. Maybe the eye-opening message is right next to you but you are too busy in a rush, therefore unable to read and spot it.

You get into discussions way too often

This is a really good and obvious sign that shows your vibration. If you spread around different kind of vibration, you will bring other experiences into your reality. Therefore the next time you realize you get into discussions way too often, you should work on rising your vibration.

You lose your things

Starting from the keys, to money, clothes even friends can be a sign you have to be aware of what have you being doing lately. It’s never too late to switch your vibration and lift it up high because actually this is the only way to fix the “problems” all around you. This can also be a sign you are spending more time thinking about something rather than being in the now. Obviously, you get lost in  thoughts that are negative, therefore the consequence is losing things as a small reminder of your vibration.

You lack dreams or you have nightmares

A person that has a positive attitude is a person that dreams about beautiful things. On the other hand, if you have nightmares or even face difficulties in sleeping, we have bad news for you. The Universe is telling you, once again, that is high time you changed your thoughts, this means your vibration. “Get back on track” it screams.


Well, this is a fair enough reason why you should consider this signs as a warning rather than problems. They are only a small reminder to change something before you witness something even worse. Isn’t this a good news? You should even be thankful because the beginning price is so cheap.