Finding a Good Cosmetic Deal in NYC


Let’s just say that NYC is a big city. Sure, that’s a huge understatement, but it is true. NYC is a gigantic place, where you can find pretty much anything. Which also includes cosmetic clinics and medical spas. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll come across a metric tons of clinics, each one with their own strengths, weaknesses, specialties and, of course, prices.

Nowadays, many treatments that are available are much more affordable than they were a couple decades, maybe even years ago. Cosmetic treatments are not going to break your bank account in half, only putting a little dent into your budget. But you still probably want a bang for your buck as with anything else in life. You want to know that not only are you getting the best treatment, but also for a price that suits your budget. 


After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of how to find a great deal on cosmetic treatments from your local clinics and see how you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

  • The Internet Is Your Friend

As with pretty much the trillion other ways to use the internet, it’s very useful when looking for a good deal. Now, while I can’t really state which specific websites you can go to for more information on good deals, all you really have to do is a simple internet search for whatever treatment you’re looking for.

This may seem like a no brainer, but many people overthink when they look for a good treatment, which causes them to forget that the internet is a very viable way of finding good treatment deals. Start by doing a simple internet search for the treatment that you’re looking for. At first it should yield a ton of results that you don’t have to immediately set up appointments with, but they can be a good point of reference for future research in terms of pricing, convenience, as well as other pieces of general information, like results, time and side effects.

Many people don’t really think of looking on the internet when they’re interested in signing up for appointments, but that’s where they make their mistake. 

  • Clinics and Their Websites

Even if you’re not interested in a particular clinic, it’s quite useful to visit their websites either way. Clinics have an abundance of information they offer on their treatments and give you a greater idea of what to expect, look for and avoid in your appointment making.

Most professional clinics will have easy to use and conveniently structured websites, which have enough information for you to get a gist of the treatment you’ll be going in for. And if you want more in-depth knowledge, you can always visit their forums or blogs where people like yourself discuss their results, problems, inquiries and much more.

A good example of such websites is MiracleFace MedSpa’s website, which not only provides you with generalized information on the treatments in their catalogue, but also further directions on what to do after and before the treatment, the results you can expect, and most importantly, the prices

Prices, while not the most important factor of any good treatment, since safety will always have top priority over any other factor, are still a very crucial variable when it comes to deciding on what clinic and treatment to go with. Again, everyone wants to get a good deal on everything, cosmetic treatments being one of them. 

  • Forums and Blogs

Don’t hesitate to ask the other clients for advice on how to get good prices. While clinics won’t be so keen on sharing methods of finding good deals (for obvious reasons) other clients are always more than happy to help out a fellow customer in finding good deals.

There are veteran clients of the beauty industry that know a lot of the ins and outs of going to clinics. Just finding one of these people to help you out could be a game changer. They’ll give you a rundown of what to expect from different treatments, their experience with side effects, their favorite spot to find good prices. 

And don’t hesitate to ask questions about pricing. You’ll find that on forums, tons of people are always asking about good deals on Botox or dermal fillers and they generally get some good responses from the community. 

  • Review and Feedback

As with any other kinds of businesses that offer services to their clients, clinics have reviews and feedback, much like your local pizzeria, grocery store, museum or bar. Sure, you can find some reviews on Google Maps, but if you want a wider scope of information regarding pricing, services and results should be websites like Yelp.

While you don’t have to listen to the reviews of the clinics, since sometimes, they’re not very accurate and may even come out of spite, you can still gather a lot of information on pricing, what other clients were charged and what’s a good workaround when it comes to finding good deals. 

It’s also a great website to find clinics that you should avoid, whether it’s for quality of service or pricing. Sure, most clinics operate under very professional code and conduct, since if they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t have a clinic to begin with. But considering the wide range in pricing and treatment plans, not all clinics are as consumer friendly as others. So, it’s always good to get the actual, raw pricing from websites like Yelp if you want to have a better idea of what you’ll be paying.

So, if you don’t know where to start when finding a good deal for a treatment of your choice, the internet is your closest ally and asset. Don’t be afraid to ask the other thousands of people like yourself who’re looking to get a good deal out of their cosmetic treatment.