Finding the Best Self Tanner for an Easy and Healthier Tan


If you really need to get the best tan natural looking skin just back from the beach, then you much have the best instant tan option. Self tanners provide a beautiful golden glow to the skin without subjecting one to the risky ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. However, one cannot just put all the trust on any best instant tan product available out there, because some they can give a wrong color to your skin or even make your complexion pale or uneven.

Here are good tips for selecting the best self tanner.

Check the Ingredients

The main reason of sunless tanning is to do away the bad effects, like skin cancer as well as sun burns, that come from Sun tanning. But, keep in mind that self tanners have chemicals that react with the upper layer cells of the skin to offer you a tanned look. So, before purchasing a tanning product, you need to check the ingredients. They need to be safe and should cause no bad effects. Some of the best ingredients found in the best instant tan products are Tyrosine and DHA (Di-Hydroxyl acetone). If you have a sensitive skin, you should consult the dermatologist before getting a self-tanner.

The Best Instant Tan Should Have Moisturizers

The top self tanners come filled with moisturizers in order to give a glowing tan. Moreover, they are simple to apply and offer an even color. So, you should be on the lookout for sunless tanning products with goodness of moisturizers such as Aloe Vera as well as botanical extracts. Such products will not just give you golden color but also make the skin smooth as well as supple.

It Must Be Suitable for the Skin Color

Especially, for those who have a fair-skin, there is need to choose the self-tanner really carefully. It should give the skin a bronze glow. Avoid tanning products that make the skin dark; otherwise you might end up looking fake.

It Needs To Be Odor Free

Some chemicals in self-tanners come with strong odors. Therefore, you have to choose a product that has a pleasant smelling or odorless. Else, you might find it hard to use your product.

Test the Product before Making a Purchase  

Even the best instant tan product might not suit your skin. Therefore, before buying a product, you should ask the brand for samples. This will help you to know how effective the product is, what type of smell it has, whether it is suitable for your skin color and type, and if it has some side effects.

To make good use of the product you buy, you have to read the instructions offered on its label really carefully. Tanning lotions work best when used on exfoliated skin. Exfoliation takes away the dead skin cells in order to ensure uniform tanning of your skin. Also, first you have to apply just a small amount of the tanning product. It takes only few hours for one to see show results and the products can be re-applied depending on what kind of color you are after.


There so many self tanning creams, lotions, and sprays available today in the market. Therefore, selecting best instant tan product could be a complicated task. Before purchasing a product, you need to read reviews about that product on the web. This can help you avoid products that can cause nasty rashes as well as bad skin color tone.