Finding the Best Wedding Make-up Artist through Urbanclap


Wedding is the one of the best days, if not the best day in the life of a woman. This is exactly the reason why every bride wants to look her best on her D-Day. Therefore, a number of preparations are done for it. Besides this, a lot of expensive dresses as well as jewelry are bought to make the bride look like a queen. But one of the most important things required to enhance the beauty of a bride is makeup. It ensures that she is looking like the most beautiful girl on the planet on the day of her wedding. But you need to be creative and efficient while using the makeup to make the bride look beautiful. This is why you need a wedding make-up artist to do the job and you just cannot do it yourself.

So recently, when my sister decided that she was ready to tie the knot and subsequently her wedding day was fixed, she made it clear and certain that she must look like an absolute princess during the most important day of life and that there shouldn’t be any sort of compromise with it.

It was the time to show some Brotherhood

As my parents were busy in making the other arrangements and completing other formalities, the task of fulfilling my sisters’ wish of looking like a princess fell upon me. Since I personally couldn’t have done anything towards her wish, so I thought of the perfect way, which was to hire a wedding makeup artist to do the job she wanted. Now not just any makeup artist would have done it for her. I understood how important it was for her to be looking the best. So I couldn’t take any chances with that. This day comes once in a lifetime for every person and I had to make it absolutely sure that she isn’t left disappointed during her best day. Hence, I took it personally upon me to find the best makeup artist in Mumbai who could give her the look that she wanted without any errors.

Makeup artistry is a delicate job and one needs a lot of skills, creativity and knowledge to do it correctly. Besides this, the more experience one gets, the better they get. Hence, I wanted to hire someone who fits the bill and has skills, creativity and experience, i.e. the best wedding makeup artist in Mumbai. I began my search by contacting the local beauty parlors nearby. I saw their plans and packages and sample works as well. But somehow I wasn’t impressed much. There wasn’t much variety and all they seemed to be doing is overcharging for doing a basic job.

Besides that they were only offering just a couple of packages and I immediately knew that this is not the place where I will get what I was looking for. Then I went ahead with my search and looked for some makeup artists online. I found a few and tried to contact them. But to my utter disappointment, they too didn’t offer anything unique and were much like the ones I had visited in the local beauty parlors. I kept my search on for a while but couldn’t find anyone of much significance. I was starting to get a bit worried as I had no clue from where I would get a good makeup artist to dress up my sister on her wedding.

UrbanClap helped me fulfill my sister’s dream

I am never the one to give up and while scrolling through the web, I heard about an online app named the UrbanClap. I had already seen a couple of television advertisements about them but wasn’t much sure as to which all services they were providing. But to see that they were also providing wedding makeup artists, I just opened the app store on my phone and immediately downloaded their app without giving a second thought. I wasn’t sure if I will find any good wedding makeup artist in Mumbai but it seemed good enough to give a try.

The app installed within seconds and registration too didn’t require much time. The user interface of the app looked really stunning to say the least. It was easy to browse through the app and go to the option of wedding makeup artist. As soon as I clicked on that Option, I was asked a few questions. The questions ranged from which event the makeup artist was required to the number of people requiring the makeup. They also inquired if I would be requiring hairdo services and the location I was looking to get the services. I answered the questions as per my needs and submitted my request.

To my surprise, within a few minutes I received texts and even calls. I got quotes and a brief of the services that were to be provided. Initially it again sounded too common, but then I came across Shahnaz Beauty Parlor who was offering a really good package. They were ready to take the full makeup responsibility and showed me some samples of their previous works as well. Those were really impressive to say the least. They even gave me an insight of which material and techniques they use and how it will not affect the skin and stay out even under sweat for a long period of time. It was really good to know about that and I immediately agreed to hire them.

UrbanClap gave me the option to pay online in advance or to pay in cash later on. I chose the latter Option and booked the services. The makeup artists arrived even before time on the D-Day and I didn’t face any sort of difficulties. When my sister came out after she was ready, she looked so beautiful. She thanked me for bringing the best wedding makeup artist in Mumbai to prepare her and she looked too happy. Everyone was praising her beauty and I was feeling proud as well.

Why you too should go for UrbanClap App?

So, the wedding of my sister went on perfectly and she was surely the best looking lady in the event. Though I got most of the praise for it, I was so thankful to Shahnaz and her team who worked behind the scenes to bring the real beauty of my sister upfront on the most important day of my life. It was such a satisfying experience and I was thrilled that I could complete my responsibility quite well. I am so thankful to the UrbanClap App for bringing the best and the talented people close to us. More so, they provide us such high quality services at nominal rates which are very less than those existing in the market.

In a market where there is a cut-throat competition and rates are so high whereas service provided is just for namesake, UrbanClap App has emerged as a savior. It certainly saved me by providing me the best services I could have had in Mumbai. It was so tiring to search best wedding makeup artist in Mumbai and frustrating to see such high rates and less packages. But UrbanClap App made it all easy and quick and hence everyone should definitely give it a try.